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September 11, 2014

Catch of the day

Fresh fish has found a new home at Da' Pescatore, in piazza del Carmine.   Famous among Florentines for his refined way with fish and seafood, chef Daniele Pescatore has moved from his former restaurant, Il Cenacolo del Pescatore in borgo Ognissanti, to the Oltrarno and one of Florence’

Cooking with Dado

In addition to piazza Santa Trinita, the Column of Justice and Ferragamo’s shoe museum, along via Tornabuoni you’ll find one of the most professional cooking schools in Florence. Chef Maurizio Pinzani has been teaching and sharing some of the most closely guarded secrets of Tuscan cooking

A cut above

In the heart of the San Lorenzo neighbourhood, near Florence’s Central Market, walking into International Studio you could be in London, New York or any metropolis in the world. Starkly white with a futuristic feel, you cross the threshold of the fully renovated, 500 m2 (1,640
July 3, 2014

Five years of finery

Florence’s exclusive private residence club Palazzo Tornabuoni recently celebrated its five-year anniversary with a series of events throughout the week of June 15. Club members and guests were in prime attendance to make the occasion truly memorable and to mark the impressive milestone in the Palazzo’
May 8, 2014


Cruising through the countryside is high on the list of Tuscany’s most enjoyable activities. But for some expats in Florence, joy rides just won’t cut it—needing a car is a reality for many non-residents who are here for more than just a few
April 3, 2014

Sailing through Florence

April 17, Verrazzano Day: a point of departure for an exciting voyage between Florence and the New World. Captain Vieri Mannucci reveals the secrets of the extraordinary links that Florentine sailors and explorers built with America.   During April, on a glorious, clear-skied Florentine morning unique to spring, warmed

The smart way to travel

CALLING ALL SMART PEOPLE! Have you always been drawn to Italy and Europe? Travel and discover with Smart Trip, the tour operator for students in Florence who want to make the most of their European adventure. If you’re looking for cultural, well organized and reliable tours, then discover
January 30, 2014

Getting your Expat ‘dream-box’ and making your TV happy

Away from home and wanting to watch the news, a favorite series or movies on demand? For those with a laptop, the web is usually the way to go, but finding a show may require more know-how than just searching for a name on Google. Besides, viewing TV on
November 7, 2013

The Cost of Living in Italy

Are you going to Italy in order to work and live in the land of pizza, pasta and great coffee? If so, you are surely interested in the costs of living there. And while it is near impossible to give exact numbers, we’d like to at least try
June 20, 2013

The best ways to transfer money internationally

Sending money to any location in the world can generally be done in just a few minutes, no matter where the recipient is. But it’s worth knowing that you’ll pay for the convenience and speed that comes with fast payments. Fees charged for international transactions can