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May 17, 2007

Leather 101: The art and science of purchasing leather in Florence

Florence is famous for its leather goods, from shoes and accessories to clothing. But with so many stores and so much to choose from, how can a buyer be sure of making a good choice?We went to the Casini leather stores in Piazza Pitti and asked designer Jennifer Tattanelli
June 15, 2006

Tracce di animali

The interest of Tracce di animali lies in its exploration of many of the uses that Italian makes of explicit and implicit comparisons with animals in order to designate characteristics, attitudes and behavour in human beings. The book - is for the intermediate level student - contains 16 short theme-based units - &#

The Little Big Art Book

The ultimate visual compendium of Western painting, The Little Big Art Book spans the entire history of Western painting, from Prehistory to Post-Impressionism. With more than 450 colour reproductions of the greatest paintings, frescoes, and mosaics, it covers every significant style and period. Beginning with prehistoric Europe, ancient Egypt,
April 20, 2006

italiano a modello 1

Italiano a modello 1 focuses on reception and production skills in writing. Through a series of carefully selected short simple literary texts, it also implicitly develops a taste for reading and a critical appreciation of target language. Each module helps the students with comprehension of the texts by working on