Raise your glass as Chianti Classico celebrates 300 years

Visiting the Chianti wine region

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July 23, 2016 - 10:46

It was in 1716 that Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo III established the rules governing the production of Chianti wine. In a bid to safeguard the treasured product and clamp down on wine fraud, he issued an edict recognising only four villages as official producers of Chianti, worthy of the famous black rooster seal. 300 years on, that seal still has the power to set the wine lover’s taste buds tingling. So why not help celebrate Chianti’s birthday by going back to its roots and indulging in a little bit of wine tasting in the region itself?




Visiting the Chianti wine region – with its green rolling hills, its vineyards and olive groves stretching off into the distance, and its picturesque stone villages – is a fantastic excursion in itself. Add wine tasting to the mix, and you’ve got the ideal trip! Visiting a professional wine estate and its cellar right in the heart of the region can give you an exciting insight into the secrets of wine processing, while sampling the estate’s best Chianti along with crostini toscani and olive oil completes the experience.  




To get a real sense of the environment in which Chianti has been produced over the last 300 years, walk around the quiet rural town of Greve in Chianti, one of the wine-producing areas officially approved by Cosimo III in 1716. With its winding alleyways, artisanal shops and medieval buildings, Greve is a blast from the past. Or you might choose to visit Siena, which you can reach by travelling through the beautiful Chianti countryside, and after a spot of sightseeing settle down to a delicious wine-filled dinner on an estate nearby.




This is the year to really get to know your Chianti. For an authentic and stress-free trip, why not check out Ciao Florence’s VIP Chianti Tours.


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