Imagine Florence 50 years from now.

This is the seed The Florentine and the Generation Y Graphic Design Festival planted in the fertile minds of Florence’s young designers, thrusting their imagination towards a not-so-distant-future. With growing infrastructural needs comes the necessity for change. Problems of housing and practicability have been in the focus of the municipality for the last few years, a tension that is bound to shape the rhythm and perception of one of Europe’s most coveted destinations.

Generation Y Graphic Design Festival launched in early December with a mission: to bring together students, emerging designers and professionals to discuss their concerns, thoughts and experiences. Through lectures, workshops, presentations and exhibitions, participants questioned the social responsibilities of modern-day designers, discussing new approaches, existing tendencies and the effect of global trends. Around 40 designers shared their vision: view The Florentine's selections in the gallery above. We cannot wait for the festival’s next edition!


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