Best ways to enjoy spring in Florence

Best ways to enjoy spring in Florence

How to spend the season in the city and surroundings.

Wed 10 Apr 2024 10:35 AM

Spring gets everyone out and about to make the most of the sunshine. It’s the perfect time of year for strolls in the city, getting a new perspective on Florence by exploring the surroundings, or taking part in an outdoor experience that brings you into closer contact with the Tuscan countryside. Destination Florence has put together the best ways to enjoy spring in Florence.

In the footsteps of the Medici

There’s one family more synonymous with Florence than any other: the Medici dynasty made an indelible mark on the city, and the fascination with the family has remained centuries later. A walk and talk is a sociable and informative way to learn about their legacy, making your way through the city centre with an expert guide who details the Medici rule of the city in the 14th and 15th centuries. The explanation goes beyond those years, however, with an overview of the prehistoric past of the city, through to when it was one of the most important centres of Etruscan culture, before later becoming a Roman city with the name Florentia. The Middle Ages and the long series of wars were also a period that brought wealth to Florence, with textile manufacturing and trade, paving the path for the astute leadership of the Medici family when the city enjoyed a period of peace and prosperity, leading it to be known as the “cradle of the Renaissance“. Much of the resulting art and architecture can still be admired today, making it understandably classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Starting from piazza della Signoria and its striking Palazzo Vecchio, the tour takes in the Duomo, Orsanmichele, and the Santa Trinità Church before crossing Ponte Vecchio to explore the Oltrarno neighbourhood, and stopping to taste some of the best typical products the city has to offer.

Picnic in the countryside

There’s nothing more idyllic than a basket of Tuscan treats to be enjoyed somewhere spectacular! Pick a partner for a picnic at Fattoria di Maiano, where the best of local products will be put together at the farm near Florence, complete with a bottle of Chianti wine, before you set off to the shade of an olive tree, the banks of the Colonne Lake, or the picturesque woods for a day spent admiring the beauty of Italy’s largest botanic garden and the romantic park.

A hike through history

A leisurely hike surrounded by fir trees and bright beeches is a meditative and restorative experience that’s unbeatable at this time of year. Grab your walking shoes for a 8km guided hike around the Vallombrosa Abbey for a half-day activity that blends history and nature. The ring route takes in charming sites such as the Chapel of San Giovanni Gualberto and the Scala Santa, with a 250 metre elevation gain, weaving through woodland and the Vallombrosa Biogenetic Reserve in the company of your experienced environmental hiking guide.

Trekking from Bologna to Florence

The more serious adventurers out there will find (hopefully!) the perfect weather to tackle a 6-day walk along the historic via degli Dei route from Bologna to Florence. The classic itinerary includes overnight stays, bringing you to discover the wonders of the “Path of Gods”. The famous trail extends approximately 140 kilometers across the Apennines, bringing intrepid explorers through woods, hills and centuries-old villages. All you have to do is pack your best boots as every other aspect is catered to, including the transportation of your luggage from one accommodation to another.

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