Vying for vintage in Florence

New boutiques, repurposed garments

Carly Slater
July 11, 2018 - 15:00

As one of the fashion capitals of the world, Florence never ceases to entice the global shopper. This is especially the case when it comes to vintage. There are, of course, the classics—Epoca, Recollection, Boutique Nadine and Ceri Vintage—but there are numerous others that have cropped up and deserve recognition.

Momo Vintage

Just a year old, Momo Vintage (via dei Serragli 7R) has staked its claim. A gorgeous little space in the Santo Spirito neighborhood, Momo has become a favorite frequented by tourists and locals alike. A cousin of Epoca (via dei Fossi 6R), Momo brims with French striped sailor t-shirts, old knit cycling jerseys, suede fringe jackets and vintage Levi’s and Carhartts. Just across the street from Ceri (via dei Serragli 26) and Recollection by Albrici (via dei Serragli 22), Momo has helped transform via dei Serragli into a hub for vintage shopping.


A stone’s throw from piazza Santo Spirito lies piazza San Felice, where Celeste (piazza San Felice 1R) is found. Cashmere cardigans, wide suede belts and a variety of leather and snakeskin purses and clutches line the walls. Combined with a visit to the neighboring Palazzo Pitti makes this vintage gem a perfect pitstop. In the opposite direction, towards piazza del Carmine, lies one of Florence’s vintage institutions, Stondo Vintage (borgo della Stella 7R). Filled with coats, sweaters, ties and sundresses, Stondo is another local favorite.

Across the river, nestled in a tiny courtyard a few meters down from Epoca, La Corte (via dei Fossi 6) has made its home. With a tiny loft space filled with fall and winter pea coats and shoes overlooking designer dresses, suits and blouses, La Corte is a cove of vintage treasure. Clochard (via de’ Conti 16R) is another nearby treasure that hides Hermès ties, wool blazers and silk frocks. Its neighbor down the street, Desii Vintage (via de’ Conti 17, 19 + 21R), makes via de’ Conti another charming street for vintage shopping. Mercatino di Ninni (via de’ Federighi 11R) is nearby too, boasting designer favorites.

In Santa Croce, Giratempo Vintage (piazzetta P. Calamandrei 2) and A ritroso (via Ghibellina 24R), along with Florence favorite Boutique Nadine (via dei Benci 32R), are must-shops. A little ways over from piazza di Sant’Ambrogio is Mercato delle Pulci (piazza Pietro Annigoni), an outdoor vintage and antique market with stalls showcasing vintage vests, white summer frocks and jewelry. Behind the Duomo, Street Doing (via dei Servi 88R) and Rewind Vintage Selection (via San Gallo 23) offer a mixture of high fashion and low-key vintage styles. Other honorable mentions include Melrose Vintage (via de’ Ginori 18N) and Dolce Vita (borgo degli Albizi 89).

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