Piazza del Carmine: the new plan by residents

Trees, a playground and water features

Kate Mani
January 16, 2017 - 17:53

Residents of piazza del Carmine are having their say on the future of their square, as a citizen-designed plan for its reconstruction is about to be presented to the city council.


The joint project, which involves 70 local citizens and university professors, will be examined by the institutional affairs commission of Florence on January 17.


Seven months of data collection and analysis relating to the piazza’s use was viewed by the council commission for land and environment last Friday, with chairperson Lian Pellicanò describing the work positively.



Rendering of the new piazza



The designs see trees added to the piazza to provide a shaded space for residents to relax and socialise as well as creating a feeling of nature among the urban cityscape. Experts from the University of Florence have researched maple trees suitable for the city environment.


There will also be children’s play spaces, with floor games and water running through the centre of the square, as well a path in front of the church linking Santa Maria del Carmine with the Oltrarno’s other historical squares: piazza Santo Spirito and piazza Tasso.


Florentine councillor Stefano Giorgetti believes that with correct research, resident-run proposals like this are worthwhile.


“The contribution of residents can be valuable, provided that the results are feasible in regards to already approved projects and are drawn up by professionals in accordance with authorities,” he said.


The City of Florence has already decided the renovations will commence in March and last seven months. They wish to raise the pavement facing the street by 20 centimetres to prevent unruly driving into the piazza and to add a dozen trees opposite the church, along with seats to decorate the space.

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