Volata, Borda, Tattameo

Your in-progress dictionary of the Florentine dialect

Francesco Stefanelli, Alexandra Lawrence
February 27, 2014

Volata: Fit of rage or anger. To freak out.


Example: ‘Se un tu la smetti di fare confusione piglio una volata di quelle che tu te ne ricordi!’ (‘If you don’t stop messing around I am going to freak out so bad that you’ll never forget it!’)



Borda: Used to emphasize the speed of an action.


Example: ‘L’ha voluto guidare co’ i’ diaccio in terra e borda!...Lè andato ni’ muro!’ (‘He insisted on driving on the icy road, and there he goes into a wall!’)



Tattamèo: Used like ‘dimwit.’


Example: ‘La mi’ figliola la m’ha portato in casa que’ tattamèo di’ su’ ragazzo, icchè tu voi un spiccica parola!’ (‘My daughter brought that dimwit of her boyfriend home; what do you expect, he can’t put two words together!’)

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