#CrazyforPazzi Twitter Chat

Monday November 24 at 10pm Italian time (4pm EST)

Editorial Staff
October 2, 2014

In case you haven’t noticed, Opera di Santa Croce, in partnership with The Florentine, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform to raise money required for the restoration of the loggia of the Pazzi Chapel at the Church of Santa Croce in Florence. To raise awareness and answer any questions people might have, there will be a Twitter Chat on Monday November 24, 2014, for an hour starting at 10pm Italian time (that’s 4pm in the Eastern USA). Here is how it works.



At the established hour, @santacroceopera will open up the chat by sending out a tweet (it will link to this article, in fact). The official hashtag for the chat is the same as for the whole campaign: #CrazyforPazzi. Please use this hashtag in the discussion so we can track and address your tweets. The moderators of the chat are @santacroceopera and @theflorentine, so please follow them!




The Twitter chat is essentially a question and answer opportunity that goes two ways.



1)   On one hand, we want you to ask us questions that you might have about the crowdfunding campaign, but also about Santa Croce in general. So for example: Have you ever noticed a strange statue or wondered why a painting was a certain way, or just wondered where people sat in the refectory? Ask, and highly qualified staff from Santa Croce will be on hand with answers (hopefully!) to any questions you might have! Remember, ALL questions are good questions. Just shoot your question out there with #crazyforpazzi and if there’s room, tag @santacroceopera and/or @theflorentine


2)   @SantaCroceOpera will also be helping to open up the discussion with a few questions for you! These will be posed in the format usually used for Twitter chats: when they ask a question it will be prefaced with “Q1” (Q for Question) and if you wish to contribute a reflection on that topic, you preface your tweet with “A1” (A for Answer).



If this is your first twitter chat fear not, this may sound scary but there’s really no going wrong. Here is an example of a tweet exchange with this format:


@SantaCroceOpera: Q1 Have you ever been inside the Pazzi Chapel? How did you feel in there? #CrazyforPazzi


@TheFlorentine: A1 yes we have! We noticed that the space is really empty #CrazyforPazzi



Ready to give it a try? Mark your calendars for Monday night at 10pm in Italy, 4pm in New York and 1pm in San Francisco!

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