Vintage and thrift shopping in Florence

Vintage and thrift shopping in Florence

Thu 05 Mar 2015 1:00 AM

For those who enjoy the hunt for the perfect garment or accessory, Florence’s many vintage and thrift shops offer plenty of opportunities for adventure. However, there’s one factor to consider before you set out: how many euro you have in your wallet. The prices in vintage, and even thrift, stores can be jaw dropping. We’ve done some investigating to see not only where the best shopping might be found, but also where the prices are on point.

First, let’s be clear on the terms ‘vintage’ and ‘thrift.’ Vintage pieces are 35 years or older, while you can find a last-season Zara shirt on a thrift store rack. Florence’s vintage stores pride themselves in offering a unique range of high-quality pieces, usually a careful selection of designer or high-end pieces, handpicked by the owner to fit the store’s aesthetic. The clothing and accessories are hung with care in an organized manner. At a thrift store, organization isn’t always a top priority and shopping may become tedious as you search for what you want. The goods in thrift stores may be missing buttons or sport a rip along a seam. Though these clothes may need some TLC, there’s always the excitement of scoring a designer find nestled near someone’s old calcio jersey.

Top spots for vintage and thrift items

Stondo Vintage

(borgo della Stella 7r) is easy to miss but worth the effort to find, filled with rack upon rack of jackets, capes, accessories and more. The prices are great and the selection is plentiful.

Clochard Vintage

(via de Conti 16r), near the Duomo, is just one small room, but don’t underestimate what is inside. It is filled to the brim with organized chaos and plenty of silky dresses, old Levis, felt hats, and more.

Ceri Vintage

(via dei Serragli 26r) has an old-fashioned feel as soon as you walk in. The playlist is intriguing and sure to have you nodding along as you browse the racks. The pieces are outstandingly unique and in great condition.


(via de Serragli 22r) is just a few steps from Ceri Vintage. Don’t be fooled by the entrance into what looks like a room full of sculptures and furniture: a back room leads to old-fashion apparel hanging in armoires as if in someone’s home. The visual merchandising is as amazing as the clothing.

Boutique Nadine

(lungarno Acciaiuoli 22r + via dei Benci 32r) has two locations, both stocked with classic and contemporary items from designers such as Balenciaga, Gucci and Ferragamo. The shopping is only a portion of the experience at Nadine, where there is as much to see as there is to buy.

Officina Vintage

(borgo degli Albizi 2 + via del Giglio 41r) is a top stop in Florence. The two locations offer amazing finds at decent prices. Every item you see is in great shape and the varied selection appeals to a range of style aesthetics.

Melrose Vintage

(via Nazionale 8 + via de’ Ginori 18r) has two locations in Florence for double the impact of vintage selections. This store has a western, rock’n’roll feel with an edgy selection to match.

A Ritroso

(via Ghibellina, 24r) is heaven for shoppers looking for top brands at affordable prices. Labels such as Hermes, Pucci, Cardin, Gucci, Versace and YSL grace the shelves in large quantities; owner Camilla Baracchi carefully curates it all and dispenses thoughtful styling tips.


(via dei Fossi 6r) is teeming with pieces worthy of the search. Though the prices may be a bit high, the eclectic stock, which ranges from sequined ’80s sweaters to powerful investment pieces, is generally worth the extra euros.

L’Aurora Onlus

(via de Macci 11) is a favorite thrifting spot among savvy shoppers. Complete with frescoes on the wall, L’Aurora has a selection of both apparel and housewares.

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