Comune launches women’s helpdesk
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Comune launches women’s helpdesk

The City of Florence has launched the InformaDonna helpdesk for females seeking career advice in order to promote financial independence and stability.

Fri 27 Jan 2017 4:32 PM

The City of Florence has launched a helpdesk for females seeking career advice in order to promote financial independence and stability. InformaDonna will help the city’s women to obtain genuine insight into company cultures and the best opportunities to progress their careers.


“InformaDonna will provide concrete support for those who want to start a career or get back on track in the workplace,” said Sara Funaro, health and welfare councillor for Florence. “It is extremely important for our administration to support our female citizens, to tell them that they are not alone.”


The newly introduced helpdesk works with human resource professionals to educate women on how to write resumes, find job opportunities and legal assistance. Guidance and refresher courses will also be provided alongside legal and technical support for those who wishing to open small businesses.





Informadonna is also firmly committed to promoting equal rights culture and combating forms of violence through awareness-raising initiatives and the support of anti-violence centers throughout the municipality. The center will act as a cultural hub for book presentations, talks, festivals and other events centred on women, emancipation and equal rights.


Currently, the headquarters are at ZAP-Zona Aromatica Protetta (vicolo di Santa Maria Maggiore, 1) in the Informagiovani space, but will move to Le Murate by the end of spring.


One more important thing: the helpdesk is open to all, regardless of ethnicity or background. “Our services will be in the very heart of Florence and will be accessible for young and adult women of all nationalities,” said Andrea Vannucci, youth affairs and sports councillor for Florence.


Informadonna is a free service provided by Comune di Firenze and it will be open by appointment.


For more information call 055 218310 or email

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