Theatre, music and entertainment at Petra
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Theatre, music and entertainment at Petra

Wed 11 Jul 2018 12:11 PM

For many of us it’s just a given that in summertime, everything is more enjoyable, and it’s even more so when you have green vineyards of the Tuscan coast as your backdrop, with a dream-worthy winery and top quality food and wines. Francesca Moretti knew all of this when she joined with her team to create a packed program of summer evenings dedicated to culture: the culture of wine, of food and of art, all to be experienced within the special setting of Petra.

The famous staircase designed by the architect Mario Botta will serve as the main stage for these special evenings.



 “The idea behind this type of performance wasn’t just casually put together: we’d envisioned gifting memorable music and theatre moments to our visitors and giving a voice to talented artists who elicit a reaction, just as should happen when one is drinking a glass of good wine,” says Francesca Moretti, CEO of Terra Moretti Vino.


All of the evenings follow the schedule below, a mix of performances and moments of getting to know the Petra wines and origins:

7pm: winery visit

8pm: aperitivo

8.30pm: seated dinner with traditional Tuscan menu

9.30pm: performance


Take a look at the full detailed calendar below.



July 12 – “L’uomo Rondine”

A monologue by and with Maurizio Lombardi, with a soundtrack by Giuseppe Scarpato

Maurizio Lombardi, a theatrical actor from numerous films and television series, brings a new story to the stage: romantic, elegant, sweet and inspired by the tradition of Pratolini.  The curtain opens on an old attic in one of the most homespun and historic neighborhoods of Florence. This is where two young men meet at the beginning of the 20th century: the first is a “fortunate son” while the second hardly has two coins to rub together.

Despite belonging to different social classes, they forge a friendship that is able to both unite and separate them, and ends up the centerpiece of moving circumstances.

This is a one man show enhanced by Giuseppe Scarpato, guitarist and producer of Edoardo Bennato, who will perform live musical arrangements and the show’s soundtrack, making the whole performance even more special.


55 euro


July 27 – “JAZZ ISLAND”

with vocalist Romina Capitani

In “Jazz Island” (“Isola Jazz”), the singer and author Romina Capitani will lead us into an imaginary place in which we can dream, and allow ourselves to be transported by the most intimate and personal emotions. A place where music proves itself to be a treasure to be fiercely protected. The songs featured are inspired by the jazz tradition with contemporary influences from the bossa nova style. Accompanying Romina will be Giacomo Rossi, co-writer of many of the songs; Luigi Di Chiappari and Paolo Corsi, with a special contribution from Riccardo Galardini and Klaus Lessman.


40 euro


August 10: Night of San Lorenzo


This evening will be entirely dedicated to stars, as tradition would have it. Along with an exciting live music set, the winery guests will be able to observe the starry sky in the hopes of glimpsing a falling star or two, from the various stations set up for the event. It will be a unique and moving experience, made even better by the evocative setting that the Petra winery provides.


August 31: Duo Harp & Hang

Marianne Gubri (Harp) and Paolo Borghi (Hang)


Expect an original performance capable of creating a complex sonic experience when the Harp & Hang duo takes the stage (Marianne Gubri and Paolo Borghi). The pair presents a never-before-seen juxtaposition of different sounds, bringing together the classical and centuries-old instrument of the harp with the hang, a super-modern percussion piece of Swiss origin. The performance combines history and modernity. All the music is original and inspired by contemporary Celtic sounds and ethnic medieval and minimal elements. Ancestral and modern, tribal and futuristic, spiritual and technological, this is a performance that the duo puts on for its audience. They are two international professionals who will bring to life the dreams of the Petra winery guests.


40 euro



Info and reservations:

Reservations are required for all events:

Tel. 0565.84.53.08

Località San Lorenzo Alto, 131. Suvereto, Livorno

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