Inside the Cuoiofficine Florence workshop and store
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Inside the Cuoiofficine Florence workshop and store

Fri 07 Sep 2018 10:21 AM

Cuoiofficine was founded in Florence by Timothy and Tommaso Sabatini, two brothers who decided to turn their combined bags of experience—in both leather techniques and the family restaurant business—to something unprecedented. Fusing Timothy’s artisan background with Tommaso’s penchant for presentation, befitting of a restaurateur, the siblings’ brainchild injects an innovative artistic approach into age-old leather techniques.

Timothy and Tommaso explain their new line of work.



“A principled approach”


Ours is an ethical and aesthetic vision, which has led to the creation of a collection of clearly Florentine items that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, crafted according to patented practices. Underlining Cuoiofficine’s philosophy are principles that we have always honoured with all the artists and artisans involved in the project: collaborations among master craftspeople, respect, a love of beauty and quest for perfection.



“Art on leather”


Florence is our home and inspiration. It’s a place where you can breathe in history, art and age-old emotions. Every day we are surrounded by stimuli that drive us to explore and experiment with the oldest leather decoration techniques to reinvent their application in the leather industry, pursuing a goal that’s as ambitious as it is realistic: applying art to leather.



“One of a kind”


We have designed, created and developed the Cuoiofficine collection after years of research and experimentation. From 17th-century marbling on hides to a totally revised leather tattooing technique, we only use vegetable-tanned hides according to Florentine tradition. Certified and guaranteed, our accessories are unique in the original sense of the word.



“Our Florence store”

Our via Guicciardini store is also home to our workshop. It’s our way of drawing customers into the wonderful world of leather through “performances” that reveal some of the secrets behind the making of bags and wallets. These are moments when our artists and artisans show how tradition can blend with innovation.



“A personal touch”


Customers can personalize their purchases by choosing the type of technique, decoration and colour of every flap, shoulder strap and pocket, as well different kinds of lettering for monograms. Cuoiofficine is for everyone who’s looking for the genuine article, real Made in Italy excellence and beauty in every detail.”



Cuoiofficine store

Via de’ Guicciardini 116r, Florence

Tel. 055.286652

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