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Fri 01 Feb 2019 4:13 PM


For just 10 euro


The newest food spot to hit the streets of Florence is the innovative Pizzaland. This all-you-can-eat pizza place is a dream for an outing with the kids, an evening with friends or a cheap date night. For just 10 euro, you can chow down on unlimited pizza as you sip on a pub-style range of beers by Birrificio Angelo Poretti.



But if you’re thinking low cost means low quality, Pizzaland will prove to be a different kind of experience. Using exclusively Tuscan ingredients—like zero-km artisanal cheeses made with milk from the Mugello delivered fresh every day, Peperita peppers from the coast and Frantoio Franci olive oil from the Val d’Orcia—fourth-generation pizzaiolo Francesco Bianco and his team expertly craft more than 30 kinds of pizza, made from delicious dough left to rise for 24 hours, so light anyone can eat at least two pizzas (or, should we say, 16 different varieties!).



“Man vs Pizzaland”


The experience is a unique one, vaunting an intriguing green and red disc you can use to signal to the servers that you’re ready for another slice of pizza, arcade games and the wall of FAME (as in the Italian for “hungry”). “Man vs Pizzaland” isn’t for the faint of stomach, because you’ll need to eat four pizzas and a litre of beer in just ten minutes, but the payoff is worth the challenge: a 250-euro voucher. That’s pizza for you and 24 of your closest friends on your next night out.



Pizzaland is also a great spot for a family dinner, with an entire room dedicated to children and their parents, where kids can sit together and socialize, while their parents do the same. The kids also get a special 6 euro deal for unlimited pizza (beer not included, obviously).




Via il Prato 12R, Florence. T/ 391 352 8580

FB PizzaLand Firenze

IG @pizzalandfirenze

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