Do-over: clothing collection points

Do-over: clothing collection points

Wed 25 Sep 2019 9:34 AM

For Florence dwellers, there are plenty of clothing collection points run by the city’s social cooperative San Martino as well as a few charity shops. It’s time for a clear-out…

CHARITY/ Bottega del Dono

The mission of this bottega del dono in via Guelfa 28R (a sophisticated way of saying charity shop), is to help children in developing countries through support at a distance and international projects while keeping a close bond among locals. The Bottega del Dono Solidale Reach Italia Onlus helps children in Italy and abroad by being involved in school meals and attendance projects. You can buy from the shop and, most importantly, donate clothes, household goods, small pieces of furniture and jewellery. You can also give your time; enquire in-store if they need some help.

VINTAGE / L’Aurora Onlus

L’Aurora Onlus (via de’ Macci 11) is an association that helps disadvantaged people through meetings and activities that range from a hot cup of tea to legal advice and craft workshops. Their Facebook page (FB: AuroraOnlusFirenze) is worth a follow if you’re looking to donate some good quality clothing or objects as they often hold vintage markets to raise monies for their activities. A minimarket takes place every fourth Sunday of the month in their via de’ Macci location.

RESALE / Ri-vesti project

You may have seen the big yellow Caritas bins around the city, which have been installed over the years to collect clothing for recycling. Fifty per cent of these garments are sorted and cleaned to enter the European and international resale market. The remainder is sent to be recycled as material. There are a few rules, however; only donate clothes in knotted plastic bags and always check that San Martino Cooperativa is written on the side of the yellow bin (there are rumours of false ones). Check out the locations along via Curtatone, via dei Renai and via Alessandro Manzoni. If you live in Florence, you can even organise a collection from home by calling 334 3695950. The website features a map of all of the yellow collection points in the metropolitan area.

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