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Teaching in Florence with Sheila

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November 18, 2019 - 12:21

Have you ever dreamt of living in Italy instead of just visiting? English-speaking foreigners often consider teaching English when it comes to thinking about how to make an income while living their Italian dream.


Sheila Corwin, from California, USA, a well-known language teacher trainer in Tuscany, knows exactly what it’s like to be an English-speaking foreigner in Italy and what it takes to find a job teaching here. Her first job in Italy was as an English language teacher. In 2002, she worked for a private language school teaching mostly one-on-one lessons to students and in the offices of business professionals in and around the city of Florence. Later, she worked as an Academic Director and Principal Teacher Trainer for a teacher training and cultural center, which offered a popular (and very intensive) four-week TEFL Certificate course. She now maintains her current position as head trainer of language courses at the Europass Teacher Academy, a school based on Erasmus+ projects, located in the heart of Florence, with course participants from all over Europe.




Sheila with her students




The largest teacher training course provider in Europe


Since 2011 she has also been facilitating the popular 20-hour Weekend TEFL for new and already practicing teachers, and acts as head teacher for all CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and other language teacher courses at the Europass Teacher Academy, the largest teacher training course provider in Europe. In addition to Sheila’s classes, other professional development courses in Arts and Wellbeing, Classroom Management, ICT, and School Innovation can be found on the Europass website. Every year Europass Teacher Academy welcomes participants from all over the world. The biggest component has always been the European one (more than 90 percent), but they have also welcomed participants from the USA, Japan, and other extra-European countries. 







“Living in Italy encourages people to live in the present. Being exposed to so much of the world’s most beautiful art is very inspiring.
I can honestly say that it is never boring to live in this fantastic city.”

—Sheila Corwin




Sheila’s courses are known for preparing teachers to teach in a very student centered and engaging way, and the testimonials prove this: “During this intensive TEFL course I really appreciated the highly professional approach of my English language teacher trainer, Sheila Corwin. I was impressed by her ability to synthesize a huge amount of information in such a short period of time and to transfer her knowledge to us in a very efficient way. Concerning myself, I have been pushed into putting myself out there and I have many new ideas about my future plans thanks to Sheila's motivational tools. I am so grateful to Sheila. Thank you so much!” wrote Emanuela, from Italy.



The first two weekend TEFL for 2020 will be January 10-12 and March 27-29. For other course dates and information, check the website.



You can get a glimpse of the Weekend TEFL by watching here:




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Earl Owens

24 days and 23 hours and 26 minutes ago
Anyone wishing to learn how to teach English would be well-served to attend any of Sheila Corwin's courses at the Europass Teacher Academy in Florence. Sheila is an enthusiastic, experienced teacher who provides her students with the very best teaching tools. She is an excellent role model for her students. Nowhere can one receive English language training that meets the standards of Sheila Corwin. Hope to see her again someday soon! A presto!