When music transcends language: Coriandoli Elettronici

When music transcends language: Coriandoli Elettronici

Wed 17 Feb 2021 11:14 AM

Some might balk at the idea of undertaking a professional collaboration without the firm footing of a shared language. However, American drummer and electronic musician Mark DiFlorio and Italian singer-songwriter David Iozzi’s intriguing venture is based solely on a shared artistic vision that drives the project forward. 


Introduced via a mutual friend, Emanuele Coggiola (also behind the graphic art of the album), the two initially collaborated when Mark played drums for David’s first album, Coriandoli di neve. The rapport was effortless and an alliance was formed in the guise of ‘Coriandoli Elettronici’, so far consisting of a four song EP made up of ‘Ragioni Di Vita’, ‘Un Giro di Chiave’, ‘Primo Pomeriggio’ and ‘Ave Maria’. 


David elaborates: “My symbolic idea behind the name is that confetti (coriandoli) is something almost weightless, and can be thrown up in the air and cast about in any direction. The artwork is an abstract interpretation of confetti. Made by Sebastiano Giannuzzo, it’s really a photograph of stones, but one that leaves space for the imagination.” 


On the subject of the missing linguistic element, David comments, “At the end of the day, I don’t really know Mark, given that I don’t speak English and he doesn’t speak Italian. However, I do know that he has a great sensibility and intelligence, and that together we’re able to produce something interesting. My ideas become songs thanks to Mark.” 


Both are entirely devoted to music and creativity, with Mark professing that he “searches for the meaning of life through music. David’s lyrics really impressed me as well as the tonality to his music. Unbeknownst to himself, he writes music in unusual time signatures, which is something I really enjoy and that I have a lot of experience with. The sentiment of his music, his piano playing and rhythm naturally connect with how I make music.” 


Given Mark’s background in jazzhe previously travelled the world with an award-winning West African-influenced ensemble, of which he was a founding memberhis interest in experimenting with time signatures is no surprise and leads to a stimulating series of songs that are a unique combination of their various musical interests. 


Best described as a contemporary mix of electronic production and Italian singer/songwriter music, the artistic dialogue between David and Mark is founded on a mutual respect and admiration for each other’s work. This enviably easy collaboration has resulted in four tracks that have a synchronicity in style, with the vocals and piano recorded in the studio before the pandemic and worked on throughout the months of lockdown. Undoubtedly, there will be much more in the pipeline. 





Find out more via the Coriandoli Elettronici Facebook page or YouTube channel. The tracks are now available on all major streaming sites, including Spotify and iTunes





This article was published in Issue 275 of The Florentine.

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