Polimoda presents Relative Thinking show

Polimoda presents Relative Thinking show

Four Polimoda master's students have developed intriguing installations based on magazines of their own making.

Tue 06 Dec 2022 11:54 AM

Polimoda‘s headquarters of Villa Favard is currently hosting the striking Relative Thinking show. Focused on the theme of curatorship in contemporary fashion through magazines uniquely designed by four woman students attending the school’s Master’s in Fashion Writing and Curation, the exhibition is open to the public.

polimoda relative thinking
Impossible Conversations is the concept behind Maria Callaba’s magazine

Each student edited her own magazine under the mentoring of the renowned fashion critic Tim Blanks, managing every aspect of production, from writing to photo editing and graphic design. The four magazines form the core of the Relative Thinking exhibition, which zooms down on the unique qualities and overlaps among the different projects to highlight the relativity of the thought process. Curated by Federica Forti, the show enables visitors to delve into sensory experiences through the four zones inspired by the themes of the magazines.

polimoda relative thinking
mUSED is the editorial project conceived by Florina Jacqueline

How can we define taboos and why doesn’t the word exist in all languages? These questions were the focus of Rhiti Choudhury’s project, Anthe, who recreated a café for the exhibition, in which visitors are asked to sit and interact with the performers by choosing one of the themes scattered on the tables and share ideas. Impossible Conversations is the concept behind Maria Callaba’s magazine, which looks into the implausibility of dialogue between the past and the future, which nevertheless becomes a possibility due to the student’s imagination. Onlookers are invited to sit in an armchair and consider their personal approaches, past, present and future. A striking set of mirrors comprises Body Claim, the publication by Heide Julie Halama, which reflects on accepting the body as a physical manifestation of one’s identity. Exploring the subtle balance between pleasure and pain, mUSED is the editorial project conceived by Florina Jacqueline, whose installation recreates a sterile hotel room in which different scenarios pan out.

polimoda relative thinking
Rhiti Choudhury’s project, Anthe

The Relative Thinking show will be open to the public on December 6, 7 and 9 from 9am to 5pm at Polimoda’s Villa Favard (via Curtatone 1).

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