Spazio Amanita art space opens in central Florence

Spazio Amanita art space opens in central Florence

The whitewashed studio gives space to emerging and established international artists.

Mon 03 Apr 2023 10:15 AM

Florence’s newest art space Amanita supports artists, both emerging and established, from all over the world by providing resources and opportunities. The end goal is to help artists nurture their artistic practices, while gaining traction in an ever-saturated industry. While this is technically a private exhibition space near piazza della Repubblica with no official opening hours, anyone is welcome to view the works by making an appointment by email or DM.

Arianna Tosi: Strade Comode ed Evidenti” installation shot. Courtesy of AMANITA

Amanita’s original blueprints were set for New York City. Like countless others, however, the pandemic complicated those plans, so the young founders Caio Twombly, Tommaso Rositani Suckert and Luca Zannoni decided to open doors in their hometown of Florence. Since then, they have joined forces with Jacob Hyman and Garrett Goldsmith to pursue their initial plans of opening in the Big Apple with a second location on Bowery Street in Lower Manhattan. They now host exhibitions in these two international locations as well as a list of other cities around the world.

A question one might speculate is why someone would decide to open a contemporary art space in the city that birthed the Renaissance. With a healthy handful of others like it in the neighborhood, the short answer is that there isn’t a single one that is quite as unique as Amanita. They pride themselves on being a particularly young space: the founders started putting everything into motion when they were only 25 years old. Two years since its initial success, everyone who is a part of Amanita is still somewhere in their twenties and many of the artists that are shown are also green to the art scene, with some presenting their first exhibitions in this space. Alongside creating personal relationships with artists, another part of the initiative is to help them establish longevity in their careers. The dual exhibition/gallery hybrid format allows artists to gain more international traction, while allowing them to sustain themselves through their work.

Amanita may be for newcomers, but it also knows how to stand tall next to its more seasoned neighbors. In 2021, they participated in a city-wide collaboration to showcase Jenny Saville’s works in some of Florence’s most historical institutions such as Museo di Palazzo Vecchio, Museo degli Innocenti and Museo Novecento.

Bumping elbows with Palazzo Strozzi, the space itself is an idyllic one with big picturesque windows and white walled corridors. Ironically enough, it takes guests away from Tuscan opulence and brings people to a place that feels unattached to its location. This is impressive to note considering it shares the same historic stone walls as Cinema Odeon. Due to the prestige of Florence and its artistic significance, events such as gallery openings can bring in a pressured atmosphere. Amanita pops that bubble and instead offers shows that are more relaxed and enjoyable. Poised poses with prosecco glasses are exchanged for cigarette chats by the windowsill. For a space that is considered “private”, Amanita is undeniably welcoming and the perfect nest for contemporary arts in Florence.

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