Cuoiofficine: customize your carry-all
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Cuoiofficine: customize your carry-all

The Sabatini brothers offer a Made to Measure section in the store’s historic basement along via Guicciardini.

Thu 08 Jun 2023 1:12 PM

Cuoiofficine offers a truly Florentine high-end leather product, strictly Made in Italy, where each piece is unique, numbered and truly one-of-a-kind. We’re talking about a local brand managed by two brothers, Tommaso and Timothy Sabatini, who oversee the design, development and final production process. What sets them apart is their innovative and patented reinterpretation of the Florentine marbling technique directly applied to leather.

The bags can be personalized and customers can choose from various elements within the store that make each bag truly unique. One of their most famous handcrafted products, the Costanza bag, can transform into three different bags, each of which is unique.

Now, the Sabatini brothers are also offering a dedicated section, called Made to Measure, in the store’s historic basement along via Guicciardini, where leather lovers can make their long-harbored dream come true by creating a bag based on their own ideas or designs. They can choose the type of leather, color, accessories, and even the thread color used in the bag’s construction. Patience is undoubtedly a virtue in this instance: three months or so are required to craft the personalized item down to the last details. 

Upon appointment, clients can enjoy a guided tour of the workshop, where enthusiasts can witness the creation of marbled leather and choose from an extensive range of colors to create their own unique pieces.

Cuoiofficine embodies the timeless elegance of Florentine craftsmanship and stands as a symbol of truly custom-made luxury. With meticulous attention to detail, Tommaso and Timothy’s products combine masterful artistry, unparalleled style and the authentic essence of Made in Italy.


Location: Via Guicciardini 116R, Florence

Store opening hours: Daily 10.30am-7:30pm

Contact: Tel. +39 055 286652

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