Walks + tours of the city gates and defences

Walks + tours of the city gates and defences

Florence's gates and ramparts have reopened for a summer of history walks and guided tours.

Wed 28 Jun 2023 10:55 AM

Florence’s towers, gates and ramparts have endless stories to tell, having protected the city’s heritage for centuries. Now, Porta San Frediano, Torre della Zecca, Porta Romana, Forte Belvedere and Bastione di San Giorgio, and Fortezza di San Giovanni will reopen for a summer of history walks and guided tours.

Florence’s city walls by Porta San Frediano

While the summer opening of the city gates is now an established tradition, Porta San Frediano is “new” for Summer 2023 due to steps that now grant permanent access to the monument. Open from July 1 to 31, Porta San Frediano will be open daily from 5 to 8pm (€6). Torre della Zecca, on the east side of Florence in piazza Piave, will open every day (€6) from August 1 to 31, also from 5 to 8pm, while Porta Romana will welcome visitors throughout September from 4 to 7pm (€6). For those curious about the hilltop fortress, guided tours of Forte Belvedere will be held every Friday and Sunday at 5pm and 6.30pm through October 8 (€2.50 residents / 5 non-residents), including a look at the Nico Vascellari exhibition. The nearby little-known Baluardo di San Giorgio, a trapezoidal-shaped enclosure that is part of Florence’s historic fortifications, will open on July 1 and 22, August 12 and September 2 and 23 (€6). On July 2, August 6, September 3 and October 1, from 10am-1pm, history lovers have the chance to join a walk around Porta San Gallo in piazza della Libertà (€2.50 residents / 5 non-residents). On July 20, September 14 + 18, between 4 and 7pm, locals and internationals will be able to see behind the scenes of Fortezza di San Giorgio, better known as Fortezza da Basso, to discover the secrets of this medieval stronghold turned conference centre (€8).

Inside Porta San Frediano

Take part in the two-hour Walks along the Walls, which climb up to piazzale Michelangelo from Porta San Giorgio (July 8 + 29, August 19, September 9 + 30, €2.50 residents / 5 non-residents). Alternatively, deepen your knowledge of Florence’s defensive monuments by taking a bike tour from one city gate to another, Torre della Zecca to Torre del Serpe, near Porta al Prato, on July 15, August 5 + 26 and September 16 (€2.50 residents / 5 non-residents).

Get into the spirit of visiting Florence’s little-seen monuments this summer and pick up a flyer from the Musei Civici Fiorentini’s information points and ticket offices.  If you complete the full set, you’ll win two tickets to a city-organized activity of your choice. 

For more information and to book, call +39 055 2768224 or email info@musefirenze.it

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