DelBrenna: The joy in jewelry

DelBrenna: The joy in jewelry

Many of the pieces are inspired by Florence, such as the “Ponte Vecchio” and “Botticelli” collections.

Tue 11 Jul 2023 12:09 PM

DelBrenna Jewelry may be new to Florence, but they are experienced as a jewelry giant in Tuscany. The new store on borgo Santi Apostoli not only features beautifully handcrafted pieces, but also a welcoming environment that makes you want to kick your shoes off and stay a while. Clients are greeted with a silver-garnished glass of prosecco and walk out feeling enlightened about the Italian jewelry making process. What began as a generational family business on Sebastian’s side has now blossomed into a fast-growing retailer that spans to Cortona and across seas to Megan’s hometown in Kansas City. Owners and power couple Megan and Sebastian DelBrenna pour their heart and souls into making sure clients feel the joy in jewelry. 

DelBrenna jewelry store in borgo Santi Apostoli 45R

Megan and Sebastian’s story began when Megan came to Italy to study abroad during her time at Kansas State University where she was studying architecture. Here she maintained an internship, which quickly turned into a job within her last hours before getting on a flight back to the US. Riding on the excitement of being able to call Italy a more permanent home, she met Sebastian on a night out with a friend, where he immediately swept her off her feet. Sebastian’s shorter version of the story claims that “she came to study art, and she met a piece of art”. Ever since then they have grown their business through trunk shows, website launches and store openings, all while staying consistent with Sebastian’s father continuing to design and produce every piece.

The couple assures that handling the US and Italy markets has been a natural experience. Megan is from the United States and Sebastian had lived there for quite some time, therefore their combined experience has created a deep understanding of the two markets, both separately and how they interact together. Before establishing their first retail space, the company had run as a wholesale jeweler for years, prior to dipping into traveling trunk shows around the United States. Here they began to build an established and tight-knit community with people they had met on their travels. Megan and Sebastian share heartwarming anecdotes of complete strangers recognizing DelBrenna Jewelry from across the globe, forging unexpected connections through their brand. Megan compares the customer experience to being a part of a club: owning a piece of DelBrenna jewelry welcomes you to an entire family of people who have a connection built on spirited craftsmanship and a generational dedication to the art of jewelry making.

Megan and Sebastian DelBrenna outside their Florence store
DelBrenna jewelry designs

Megan’s architectural background has played a major role in the company’s transition to retail spaces. Emphasizing on the importance of the shopping experience, Megan has skillfully designed each of their store locations to mirror the ambiance of their own home, fostering a sense of kinship with DelBrenna’s valued customers. With intentional warmth and softness, the end goal is to emulate comfort and ease for guests coming in to shop. Bypassing the harsh lighting and low, neck-craning windows that people generally expect when shopping for fine jewelry, the stores extend an invitation for visitors to maintain eye-level engagement with the stunning pieces.

The jewelry-making process

Integrity is everything for DelBrenna Jewellery. Tuscany is world-renowned for its remarkable craftsmanship that has been sustained for hundreds of years. Over time, businesses have taken advantage of how easy it is to attain that “Made in Italy” stamp, even if the majority of a product has been outsourced, all in an effort to attract vulnerable tourists. At DelBrenna, every step of the process reflects the essence of the family and their expertise. From Sebastian’s father crafting the pieces to Megan’s resourcefulness in capturing still life photos of the jewelry in her childhood bedroom during the pandemic to launch their website, everything bearing the DelBrenna name is an authentic reflection of their passion. Additionally, the pricing is surprisingly accessible given the typical market value of pieces that hold this level of craftsmanship. It was important for the couple to make sure the jewelry could truthfully say not only “Made in Italy”, but “Made in Tuscany”. With Sebastian’s mother coming from Florence, Florence was without a doubt the perfect place for them to call home. Many of the pieces are inspired by Florence, such as the “Ponte Vecchio” and “Botticelli” collections.

Megan and Sebastian hope to take the intimacy a step further in the jewelry shopping experience. They have seen success with their “Wine Dine Shine” experiences held in Cortona, where guests enjoy a night of sampling both wine and jewelry. The result becomes an unforgettable experience of connection and education. They plan to bring these moments to Florence, in hopes of casting a wider net to their community.

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