Materia e Virtuosismo: Galleria dell’Artigianato showcases Tuscan artisans

Materia e Virtuosismo: Galleria dell’Artigianato showcases Tuscan artisans

From September 15 to 17 in the Corsini Gardens, 25 Tuscany-based high craftsmanship companies will display their creations during Artigianato e Palazzo.

Fri 08 Sep 2023 3:24 PM

Materia e Virtuosismo is the name of the collective show that will be presented at the 29th edition of Florence’s high craftsmanship fair, Artigianato e Palazzo. From September 15 to 17 in the sublime setting in the Corsini Gardens, 25 Tuscany-based artisan companies will display the inspiring creations of their wide-ranging ingenuity. Created in 2006, Galleria dell’Artigianato is a project organized by Artex – Centro per l’Artigianato Artistico e Tradizionale della Toscana, in partnership with labour unions Confartigianato Imprese Toscana and CNA Toscana, and promoted by the Regione Toscana.

A previous edition of Galleria dell’Artigianato, titled Splendide Trame, held in Grosseto, Tuscany, in 2021

Touring exhibitions and an online platform showcase artisans who craft unique pieces or limited-edition items of the highest quality and worth, which constitute a niche market aimed at collectors, specialists, art galleries and museums. Helmed by Milanese gallerist Jean Blanchaert as scientific curator, the goal remains to give maximum visibility to Tuscan artistic craftsmanship by presenting, communicating and promoting the region’s unique techniques and productive skills. Past editions of Galleria dell’Artigianato have toured internationally in Paris, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Moscow, Guangzhou, Kyoto and Chicago, which have given rise to a format that has been honed over time and met with acclaim. 

Held in the Limonaia Focus space designed by La Vanguardia Progetti to show off the artisanal articles in their best possible light, the show during Artigianato e Palazzo gives a curious and passionate public the opportunity to discover a new side of Tuscan craftsmanship. From traditional to contemporary innovative works, an array of segments, styles and materials are represented, such as ceramics, glass, silver, alabaster, wood, mosaics, scagliola, commesso fiorentino, tapestries and weaving. Short explanatory panels explain each artisan’s production process and technique.

And if you’re not in Florence this September, you can still take part in the Galleria dell’Artigianato project by learning about 100 or so Tuscan artisan companies online at, where international buyers can read their stories in English and discover the collections, which are divided into three sections: Art to be Worn, jewelry, clothes, accessories and creations that are inspired by models and styles that discourage imitation in favor of creativity linked to contemporary aesthetic values; Research Experiences, in which artisans and artists develop personal expressive and artistic communications, creating unique pieces and true works of art; and Fine Crafts Traditions, with artistic works by master craftspeople taking inspiration from history and tradition in a classic style.


The following artisans are taking part with unique pieces in the Materia e Virtuosismo show at Artigianato e Palazzo:

  • Alice Corbetta
  • Bianco Bianchi
  • Franco Cicerchia Ceramiche
  • Collevilca
  • Diamantina Palacios
  • Edi Magi
  • Fedeli Restauri & Design
  • Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio
  • Fratelli Lisi
  • Fratelli Traversari
  • Guido Polloni & C.
  • Laura De Cesare
  • Lucia Boni
  • Lucia Volentieri
  • Marco Bonechi
  • Michele Fabbricatore
  • Paolo Carandini
  • Pestelli Creazioni
  • Romano Bianchi
  • Scarpelli Mosaici
  • Spira Mirabilis Design
  • Studio Ceramico Giusti
  • Studiozero-vetro
  • Taftique
  • Takirai Design
Bagliori d’Argento, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence, 2009

Galleria dell’Artigianato at Artigianato e Palazzo

September 15-17


Corsini Gardens, via Il Prato 58 + via della Scala 115 

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