ABC, aka Alice’s Book Club

ABC, aka Alice’s Book Club

A bilingual book club, wine painting and a kids' book exchange begin this October.

Mon 11 Sep 2023 3:25 PM

Book lovers rejoice as a new book club kicks off at the Alice Bookstore located in The Social Hub (viale Spartaco Lavagnini 70). Every third Friday of the month, the group will gather at the eclectic bookstore to chat about the chosen tome, read in whatever language participants prefer. English and Italian are freely mixed, and the book of the month can be purchased either on site or wherever is easiest.  

The first meeting takes place at 9pm on October 20, where a glass of wine or a cocktail can be sipped while exchanging views. This month’s choice is Strangers I Know by Claudia Durastanti (La Straniera, in Italian), with next month’s book to be chosen together.

Durastanti’s humorous adventure circles around a family that jumps from a small village in southern Italy to New York City, with a strikingly original take. Claudia’s parents are both deaf, yet Claudia doesn’t know sign language, creating a family life rife with misinterpretations. Themes of familial communication and how language shapes our understanding of ourselves are at the fore in this fourth book by the critically acclaimed author, who was a finalist for the Premio Strega in 2019.

Other news of note is that Wine Painting starts up on October 13 and 27 (with other dates to follow), taking in the bookshop where a glass of wine eases the creative process of painting, costing 18 euro per person with canvas, brushes, colours and the first bottle of wine included.

Book sharing for little ones is the wonderful initiative that sees a small exchange library in the bookstore, where the only rule is that children must bring a book they have finished with in order to take home a new one!

Other ongoings outlined on their Instagram here.

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