Travel-inspired TÅG bistro to open at the HZERO train museum

Travel-inspired TÅG bistro to open at the HZERO train museum

An international and locomotive-inspired bistro in piazza degli Ottaviani.

Wed 29 Nov 2023 12:49 PM

TÅG, meaning train in Swedish and an acronym for travel, art and gastronomy, is the new bistro opening at the HZERO Museum at 6pm on December 8, providing the perfect culinary experience to accompany the model train museum.

Located in piazza degli Ottaviani 1, a short distance from Santa Maria Novella, the bistro offers a varied offering ranging from breakfast to aperitivo, with an international and culturally curious approach taken in the nostalgic space that maintains a train station-like feel, with visitors possibly expecting the chugging of a choo-choo while they sip their cappuccino.

Inspired by Swedish art museums, the concept is to create connections between knowledge and gastronomy in an artistic-museum experience, adapting the menu to the context in which it is located. Architect Luigi Fragola drew inspiration from trains and their voyages across landscapes and cultures, with the menu aptly intertwining flavours and cooking techniques inspired by steam.

The idea blossomed when Swedish Fanny Isakkson (owner of the Shake Cafè chain) met with Federico Masilla (CEO of Il Vizio, a brand specializing in catering in luxury hotels), resulting in an inclusive and modern fusion that blends not just ingredients, but culinary experiences. The contemporary menu features delicious sushi; bao buns; “Giapas”, (a meeting between tapas and Japan); okonomiyaki, Japanese savoury pancakes with bacon, purple cabbage and katsuobushi; and an international brunch offering with a matcha bar. The classic Italian café is in partnership with La Tosteria, a local roasting company founded in Florence in 1902. The wine list includes a collaboration with the Principe Corsini winery and a raw pastry proposal developed by neighbour and visionary pastry chef Vito Cortese. Events are also set to be organized on-site.

Launched on May 29, 2022, the museum space titled HZERO orients around its giant centerpiece, a 280-square-metre railway model that is one of the largest in Europe. The set dates to 1972, when it was ideated by the Marquis Giuseppe Paternò Castello di San Giuliano, with his passion resulting in creating the model that found its museum format thanks to the commitment of his children, Diego, Giulia and Maria. Speaking at the press conference for TÅG, Diego Paternò Castello di San Giuliano spoke about his father’s love for cooking, travelling and experimenting with food and the natural partnership that was formed with the bistro’s owners.

“This inauguration marks a significant step in our mission to expand and enrich the cultural experience we offer our visitors…It’s not just a place to satisfy the palate, but rather an extension of our commitment to create an environment that inspires, educates and entertains. The synergy between the restaurant and the HZERO concept manifests itself in the way the bistro offers visitors a multi-sensory experience, immersing visitors completely into the fascinating world of train travel.”

TÅG is scheduled to open on December 8, with the space open every day except Tuesdays from 10am-8pm, Mondays-Wednesdays, and from 10am to 10pm, Thursdays-Sundays.

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