Luggage lockers in Florence

Luggage lockers in Florence

Where to leave your bags in Florence

Thu 14 Dec 2023 10:55 AM

It can be difficult to know what to do when you arrive in Florence with lots of luggage and nowhere to store it. Perhaps you’re here for a day trip or maybe your hotel won’t be ready for another few hours. Whatever the situation, there are plenty of lockers in the city where you can store your luggage.

Stow Your Bags

Stow Your Bags is a luggage locker service that has three locations in the city. You can safely stow your bags in two locker rooms at the Santa Maria Novella train station or at their other location near the Uffizi gallery. From 2.49 euro per locker.

Via Fiume 5R, Via dell’Albero 22 + Via dell’Anguillara 58

Left Luggage Florence

Left Luggage Florence is not a locker service, but instead allows you to leave your luggage with their qualified staff, meaning they will be watched over by professionals. Their building is located just five minutes away from the Santa Maria Novella train station on foot. From 1 euro per hour or 5 euro per day per piece of luggage.

Via de’ Boni 5R

Leave the Luggage

Leave the Luggage offers automated luggage storage lockers less than a five-minute walk from Santa Maria Novella train station. From 1.69 euro per locker.

Via Palazzuolo 97R

Radical Storage

Radical Storage is another company offering luggage storage, with 18 locations across the city. They allow you to leave your bags with businesses like shops, groceries and hotels, and the vast array of locations to choose from makes this a very convenient option. 5 euro per bag/day.


Bounce has up to 30 locations to store luggage in Florence. Rather than lockers, the company partners with local businesses to provide luggage storage in places like dry cleaners, shops and cafes. They require locations to have a dedicated storage room out of the way of other customers in order to keep luggage safe. From 5.50 euro per bag/day.

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