How to make the best coffee in your Italian moka pot

How to make the best coffee in your Italian moka pot

Grind, level and stir: sounds simple.

Wed 10 Jan 2024 10:06 AM

Here are some pointers to extracting really good coffee from your Italian moka pot from Benedetta and Serena Nobili of Florence-based roastery Dinicaffè

Read more about Dinicaffè here.

1. Grind 7 grams of coffee. (The powder should be slightly finer than sugar.)

2. Fill the heater unit up to below the valve with warm, but not boiling, filtered water.

3. Put the ground coffee into the filter and level it with your hands (don’t press it!) to obtain an even surface.

4. Leaving the lid open, place the moka pot on the stove, making sure that the flame doesn’t exceed the diameter of the base of the pot.

5. When it starts to bubble, remove the moka from the heat and wait until the end of the extraction.

6. Stir with a teaspoon to distribute the heat and consistency. Coffee is 99% water and 1% sediments.

7. Remember to wash the moka pot with water after each use. (Not in the dishwasher!)

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