All photos and words by Andrea Paoletti / Translated into English by Kate Mani



The impact of speed in revolutionising transport and shaping Italian futuristic art has been brought to life in two new exhibitions in Pontedera.


The city’s newly restored Palazzo Pretorio is remembering the legend of speed through a century’s worth of art in Tutti in moto! Il mito della velocità in cento anni di arte while the Museo Piaggio’s exhibition Futurismo, velocità e fotografia presents photographs on futurism and speed.


Over 150 works are on show between the exhibitions, bringing together the paintings, sculptures, photographs and writings of masters of Italian art including futurists such as Severini, BaldessariCarrà, Boccioni, Balla and Depero.


With many of the artists inspired by the invention of the locomotive, the works in the Palazzo Pretorio trace developments in Italian transport from travelling on foot and by horse to the monumental changes brought about by the invention of cars.


Each room is devoted to a different method of transport with art pieces depicting the creation of the train, steamship, bike, motorbike and automobile as well as that of hot air balloons and aeroplanes.


Futurismo, velocità e fotografia focuses too on a need for speed, featuring futuristic photos that do not only portray speed through mechanical means but also through movement of the human body.


Both exhibitions are promoted by the Foundation for Culture Pontedera and the Municipality of Pontedera and are supported by the Tuscan Region.


The exhibitions are on show until April 18, 2017.



PALP Palazzo Pretorio Pontedera


Museo Piaggio

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