Author: Alexandre Vladimir

June 4, 2009

Tree experience

Sunbeams shine through the Tuscan cypress. Below the Castle of Vincigliata, in the peaceful hills behind Fiesole, the Etruscans once watched the arriving Romans. There, high in the treetops, reconnect with nature as you climb, swing and walk on a tightrope.High in the treetops? The Adventure Park of Vincigliata
May 21, 2009

High in the sky

During the Italian Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci invented flying machines and Michelangelo depicted life in the skies. Now we can live their dreams on a journey through the Tuscan skies in a glider.   Your flight instructor will lead through an unforgettable experience. Alessandro Fortebracci, descendant of the knight Braccio
November 17, 2005

Liquid gold: the wonders of ‘Olio Nuovo’

It’s olive harvest season. Time stops; nets and parachutes burst open like giant mushrooms in the November green olive orchards surrounding our city. This is where one of the world’s best quality extra virgin olive oil is produced.   Fairly out of place with every day&