Author: Carolyn Abney

January 24, 2008

Classic Chiantis

The Chianti Classico Consortium and several of its members got an early Christmas present last year, when the Wall Street Journal’s wine writers, John Brecher and his wife, Dorothy Gaiter, chose Chianti Classico 2004 as the wine to serve at a holiday party or to take as a

Chianti Rufina

Chianti is filled with a variety of sub-zones, each with its own characteristics and distinguishing qualities. The Chianti Rufina area, located in the Levante Fiorentino just east of Florence, is known for its aromatic and fruity wines with higher acidity and firmer, less evolved tannins. The proximity of the
December 13, 2007

A bubble by any other name

No holiday party would be complete without a little bubbly. In fact, approximately 40 percent of the year’s Champagne consumption takes place in December alone. Annual worldwide sales of Champagne exceed 300 million bottles per year. While 58 percent of the golden nectar stays in France, the rest
November 29, 2007

Barolo: king of wine, wine of kings

Late autumn and winter are the perfect times to write about, read about, and drink Barolo wines. In the Italian turn of phrase, they are ‘meditative’ wines: to be sipped and savored, accompanied by a well aged cheese, hearty dish of red meat or local game.   Barolo
October 18, 2007

Ripe for the picking

Winemakers all across Italy are breathing sighs of relief as their grapes have been picked, pressed, and are now on their way to becoming 2007 vintage wine. Here’s a look at the grapes of the 2007 harvest, from the vineyard to your table.   THE OUTLOOK Close to
September 20, 2007

Hard to love?

Winemaking on the island of Sardinia has a long and fascinating history that predates the Christian era. In fact, some of the most popular grape varietals arrived with the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians. Wine production stayed relatively unchanged until the arrival of conquerors from the Catalan region of Spain around
September 6, 2007

Wine Festival Review

If you are in the mood to taste some wonderful—primarily red—wines, Chianti is always the best place to do it. This is especially the case in September, a month which offers numerous festivals where you can enjoy food, fun, and, oh yes, lots of vino. Participate
July 12, 2007

Light whites from Liguria

Less than one-half of one percent of Italy’s wine is produced in Liguria. Some may say that this beautiful coastal region is mainly tourist country—with the ever-popular Cinque Terre to explore—not wine country. And that wine produced there is rather pricey. So,
June 14, 2007

Cool whites for summer nights

Yes, the Piedmont region is famous for its bold, red wines. However, it also is home to some well known, and some lesser-known, wonderful whites. The cooler climate in Piedmont favours the crisp, soft and acidic taste of these light Italian wines. More importantly, they offer a vast array

Upward and onward

Genoa and Napoli were both promoted to Serie A on Sunday after a tense, goalless draw on the final day of the season. The game in Genoa was billed as a virtual promotion playoff, but in the end the two sides joined champions Juventus in advancing. The draw meant Napoli