Author: Christopher Saint-Amand

Christopher Saint-Amand is an American studying art in Florence. Aside from art, his interests include journalism, literature, politics and, most of all, football.
April 30, 2008

An interview with Jason Arkles

Jason Arkles is the first American to have a sculpture on permanent public display in Florence, an honor in arguably the greatest city in the world for art history. His sculpture of St. Mark now occupies one of the most prominent niches in Florence, on the front of St. Mark'
March 20, 2008

Genius and passion

Knocking up a nun and running from the law isn't a bad way to end your career as a monk. Filippo Lippi lived and worked with a fierce passion. While his lust for life and love are legendary, the restoration of his frescoes at the Duomo of Prato show
March 6, 2008

The shape of the book: from the scroll to the codex

Florence is not just a painter’s city. The Renaissance had as profound an impact on the written word. Florence was the center of this great humanist tradition, which sprang from reappraising the classics of Greece and Rome and gave birth to some of history’s greatest authors
February 7, 2008

Ottone Rosai: Enchanted visions

Anyone who has seen the work of Ottone Rosai (1895–1957) will feel immediately familiar with the San Niccolò area of Florence. And anyone who knows Florence will immediately recognize the subject of his paintings. Rosai painted the small back streets, olive groves and walls near his via