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    We are a network of Italian and American professionals, lawyers, genealogists, and translators, specializing in Italian law and citizenship along with anything related to immigration. In connection with a law firm based in Bologna and with our local partners and associates based in New York City and Los Angeles, we are able to offer the best professional services at the most competitive fees related to Italian dual citizenship and Italian passport.

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    This FAQ will answer key questions about the requirements for citizenship by marriage and residency permits for non-Italian spouses of Italian citizens.


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    How to move to Italy

    How individuals who do not have Italian ancestry and are not married to an Italian citizen may obtain residency in Italy.


    How to apply for Italian citizenship by descent

    You can apply for Italian citizenship by descent if you can prove that you have an unbroken chain of Italian ascendants


    What are the eligibility requirements to apply for Italian citizenship by descent?

    This article will provide you with an overview of the requirements you must meet in order to qualify for Italian citizenship by descent.


    How getting Italian citizenship by descent can open the doors to the European Union

    In recent years, many Americans of Italian descent have pursued what is known as the Italian dream. Italy’s superb cuisine, its natural and historic heritage, as well as the art ...


    Do you qualify for Italian dual citizenship?

    Many Italians born abroad feel as if Italy is their homeland