Jason Martinez

Jason Martinez is a freelance writer, translator and European policy analyst. He received his master's degree from James Madison University's European Union Policy Studies program in Florence.

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The Renzi referendum

Scotland voted to stay in 2014. The United Kingdom voted to leave in 2016. Referendums seem to be in the air in Europe, but Italy’s upcoming constitutional referendum is being ...


From Austria to Qatar

  Viewing the starring pavilions of Expo 2015, such as those of Germany and Kazakhstan, may involve waiting for up to two hours. Avoiding the lines gives you more time ...


A review of Expo 2015

    Until October 31, visitors from all over the globe are heading to Milan for Expo 2015. Under the theme ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,’ this Universal Exposition ...


Fiorentina 2014-15 season review

That which starts sweet ends bitter. And that which starts bitter ends sweet.   Fiorentina supporters will identify strongly with that sentiment when looking back on their team’s season as they head into what should be a summer of change for la Viola. After a rocky start to


International Antiques Biennial returns to Florence

From September 26 to October 4, Palazzo Corsini will host the 29th Biennale Internazionale dell’Antiquariato di Firenze, the largest antiques fair in Italy and one of the most important in the world.   Beginning in 1959, the fair originally looked to spread awareness and knowledge of ancient Italian


New stadium plans for Fiorentina

With renovations expected both on the pitch and off, this summer could feature big changes for Fiorentina.   Like many other big European clubs, Fiorentina expect to have the normal comings and goings in personnel during the summer transfer period. They also continue to look into changes to their stadium. &


No selfies by the sea

In the Tuscan seaside town of Forte dei Marmi, a local hotel has banned guests from taking selfies.   The Hotel Byron, a five-star hotel, recently put in place restrictions for cell phone use on the hotel premises, the first of its kind in Italy. Selfie sticks must be


Palazzo Pitti’s grand kitchen reopens

    After several months of renovation work, Palazzo Pitti welcomes back an important piece of its museum.   In the southernmost wing of Palazzo Pitti, thanks to the combined ...


The city that has changed my life twice

Dante. Il Davide. I Medici. The birthplace of the Renaissance. Most importantly, the city that has twice changed my life. Firenze. As the sun sets over Florence one week from my master’s graduation, I sit alone on one of the triangles over the Arno on Ponte Santa Trinita,


A review of the 5th State of the Union

From May 6 to 9, European leaders gathered in Florence, Italy, to discuss what the future holds for the European community at the fifth annual State of the Union conference.   During the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, commemorated every year as “Europe Day” celebrating the 1950 declaration


Magnificent: Renaissance art in contemporary video

  The Palazzo Vecchio, the heart of Florentine history for almost 700 years, now hosts a modern iteration of classic art: Magnificent.   “Magnificent: the incredible story of beauty that ...


Preziosa 2015: Florence Jewellery Week

From May 28 to June 3, Florence will host some of the world’s premier jewelry designers for Preziosa - Florence Jewellery Week. The event will consist of shows, meetings, lectures, performances and workshops by well-known international jewelry artists, designers, historians, and curators.     In addition to the


Prato delle Colonne reopens in the Boboli Gardens

Il Prato delle Colonne (The Columns Lawn) in the Boboli Gardens has reopened after being cordoned off last summer for security reasons following the extreme weather conditions in March 2015 that caused remarkable damage to the entire area.   Visitors can retrace once more the seventeenth-century path that unites


Timbersports in Florence

On May 16, the Timbersports International Championships will come to Italy for the first time, and Florence is the chosen city.   The competitive wood chopping competition dates to the 19th century on the Australian island of Tasmania where, as legend goes, two woodcutters tried to settle an argument on


Exploring the future of the EU in Florence

From May 6–10 Florence will host the Festival D’Europa, an academic, social, and cultural series of 120 events taking place in over 40 locations.   The academic focus is on the future of the European Union, centering on themes like sustainable democratic participation, new models of


I Eat Earth: an homage to Expo 2015

Just around the corner from the Ponte Vecchio, tucked away on the oft-overlooked vicolo dell’Oro outside Gallery Hotel Art, sits 'I Eat Earth,' the newest installation from artist Simone D’Auria. Running concurrently with Expo 2015 in Milan, 'I Eat Earth' ties in to the official


Newtown Italia: a new model in urban development

Institutional and structural changes have been needed to ensure continued development in cities across Europe given the recent years of economic crisis. Working together in this vein, today Confesercenti Firenze and Fondazione Sviluppo Urbano presented a new model for urban development: Newtown Italia.   A panel of scholars, experts and