Author: Justina Blakeney

February 9, 2006

Never too fat to buy a bag

Fashion is a non-verbal language that speaks loudly, especially here in Italy. So it’s important to try and translate this complex non-verbal language to make sure that when you speak fashion, it sounds as good as you think it looks. As a fashion designer and the
December 1, 2005

Foraging for fashion finds

Have you ever complimented a friend on a killer hat or a stunning scarf only for them to reply, bragging, “Cute, huh? I got it at the market on Sunday for ONLY two euros!” Have you ever noticed that the most gorgeous garment gems are either Via Tornabuoni
October 20, 2005

Fame & Fashion

Florence is full of fashion schools: Polimoda, L’Accademia Italiana, Fashion Design Lab, Universita’ di Firenze (Architettura, progettazione Moda), to only name a few, and Lorenzo de Medici school’s fashion department has merged with the Atelier school to enlarge their fashion program. Thousands of students from
October 6, 2005

Pucci: continuing the legacy

In the summer of 1949, a Marchese, a scion of an aristocratic Tuscan family, created his very first clothing line, all in black and white.  By the time his house of fashion was born in 1951, he’d found his pale turquoise, his sea green, his lemon yellow,
September 22, 2005

Fall into the Fall with style

The fall fashions this year look good on Florence:  the soft, natural colour palate of the season against the cool, grey stone.  A stroll down Via Roma is sure to get you in the mood for Autumn.  The brocade coats showing off in the windows at Miucca