Margo Lestz

Margo Lestz, a retired administrative assistant and perpetual student, fell in love with Florence 12 years ago, when she took an art history course here. She was recently in Florence for three months to study the Italian language. Read her blog:

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Legally fashionable

Medieval Florence, like many European cities, had ‘sumptuary laws’ to regulate luxury items, with an emphasis on women’s clothing. These laws proved difficult to enforce upon the clever Florentine women, however. All clothing was regulated, but there were few—if any—prosecutions brought against


Sailing tortoises and a UFO

Your kids might find an afternoon spent at a museum as interesting as watching paint dry, but Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio holds some hidden curiosities sure to pique their interest. Who ...


Rock of inspiration

If you are seeking poetic inspiration, try following the footsteps of the nineteenth-century poets who found it at Dante's stone, the Sasso di Dante.     A translation of the Divine Comedy published in England in 1814 popularised Dante in British society, and ‘Dante's Stone'