Author: Philippa Bogle

Philippa Bogle studied photography in Florence and at UAL, and was the winner of the Penguin Guardian photography competition. She recently returned to live in London after five years in New York designing a shoe brand for Macy’s and is using her experience as an ex-lawyer to work for an NGO. In her spare time, lockdown permitting, she performs her comedy-cabaret act. See @philippabogle and @mavis_blewitt on Instagram.
December 28, 2020

Postcards from Florence past: Piero Boni + Piero Moschi

    You could walk past Piero Boni’s tabaccheria near Ponte alla Carraia and think it was just like every other of the hundreds in Florence. But if you know a bit about photography, your eye might be caught by the racks of dusty, curling postcards outside.          Perhaps if the city […]
October 26, 2020

Work from anywhere, work from Florence

After my seventh month of lockdown life, the routine of work from home, eat, sleep and repeat was beginning to pall and I found myself craving some fresh inspiration. London in the rain just wasn’t going to deliver.     I wasn’t missing the daily commute to my job at an NGO, but before lockdown I […]