New old-school Uffizi

An app for the Uffizi teaches art history

Helen Farrell
December 12, 2013

For visitors to the Uffizi Gallery who are short on time but eager to take in the highlights of the famed museum, there's an app for that... the Uffizi Art History Guide.


The easy-to-use app for IOS devices (there is also Kindle e-book version) lists the rooms in the Uffizi and the most important works within them, providing information on artistic style and the work’s relation to others in the museum. Unique in the genre of museum guides, the app does not just state facts but instead poses questions designed to prompt the user to look at art. It also includes fun, almost gossipy historical details.


The app’s author is TF’s social media manager and staff writer, Alexandra Korey, who has a PhD in art history. She notes that while there are other, more complete apps for the Uffizi, hers takes a different methodological approach: ‘It’s actually pretty old-school art history, but in the form of an app. I wanted to help people understand how to look at art, starting in the world-famous gallery.’



From December 16-31, 2013, the app is on sale for just 99 cents (usd) / regular price 3.99.

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