A snail’s pace

Italy’s case backlog worse than ever

Editorial Staff
February 12, 2009

Italy's justice system loses some 750 million euro a year due to its backlog of cases, currently about 4,200. The justice system is clogged with pending cases, and no sign of a solution is in sight. Germany, by comparison, has 2,500 pending cases, and England has 1,289.  


For its inefficiency, according to the report ‘Doing Business 2009', Italy placed 156th out of 181 countries ranked for the efficiency of their criminal justice and civil law systems.


The top three spots in the ranking went to Hong Kong, Luxemburg and Iceland respectively.


Italy's justice system ranked below those of Angola, Gabon, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zamba, the Republic of Congo, Senegal, and Guinea Bissau.

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