Are you an American living in Italy grappling with US taxes and financial planning?

Are you an American living in Italy grappling with US taxes and financial planning?

Chase Buchanan USA and Bright!Tax offer consultations at the MH Florence Hotel & Spa on May 29.

Fri 10 May 2024 10:38 AM

It’s a common stress point for many expats, particularly if you’ve just moved abroad or been living abroad for some time, but, you don’t have to navigate these waters alone! On Wednesday, May 29, Chase Buchanan USA, in collaboration with Bright!Tax, is offering complimentary 30-minute, 1:1 consultations at the MH Florence Hotel & Spa. All Americans in Florence are welcome to come and ask any questions related to tax and financial planning situations as Americans living in Italy. Alex Ingrim, Chartered MCSI and Nicolas Castillo, CPA, the meeting facilitators, are expats themselves, enabling them to provide even more nuanced professional insight as fellow Americans abroad.

In-person consultation

Chase Buchanan

Connect with professionals who have walked the same path and turned their expatriate experiences into expert advisory services: Alex Ingrim, President and Co-Founder of Chase Buchanan USA, and Nicolas Castillo, Managing CPA at Bright!Tax, are ready to help you clarify your US tax obligations in Italy. Whether you’re dealing with individual taxes, managing a business abroad, or navigating retirement, estate planning, and investment strategies, Alex and Nicolas can provide tailored, US-compliant advice to meet your needs.

Understanding your US tax obligations

Chase Buchanan

Taxation without representation might be a thing of the past, but taxation without comprehension is a challenge expats face today (thanks a lot, US citizenship-based taxation regime!). Nicolas Castillo, a CPA specializing in US expat taxes, can clarify your tax responsibilities and outline concrete next steps for each individual circumstance. His expertise and previous experience working for a “Big 4” American accounting firm ensures that Americans abroad comply with US tax laws while optimizing their financial strategies. As a fellow American who has navigated the complexities of living overseas, Nicolas offers not just technical guidance but genuine understanding and compassion.

Start a conversation about long-term planning with Alex Ingrim

Chase Buchanan

Developing a comprehensive cross-border financial plan is more than just talking numbers and asset allocation—it’s building a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. Alex Ingrim believes that the initial consultation is akin to a first handshake, acknowledging the importance of each individual’s unique situation without imposing any expectations on the meeting. Having lived abroad for over a decade, moved internationally over half a dozen times, and worked as a senior investment analyst for major companies, Alex understands the nuances of expat life and brings an unmatched commitment to supporting fellow Americans in making informed decisions that secure their financial futures.

Secure your spot

Registrations for these personal consultations are now open. All conversations are confidential, ensuring a private and respectful environment to discuss your financial concerns, priorities, and aspirations. The event takes place on Wednesday, May 29, at the MH Florence Hotel & Spa, located at via Luigi Alamanni, 37, 50123 Florence, from 9am to 6pm. Secure your complimentary consultation slot with Alex and/or Nicolas today by registering through Eventbrite.

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