A canoeing Kennedy

Next generation of American dynasty is green

Editorial Staff
July 1, 2010

Last week, Robert Kennedy III, grandson of the late Robert Kennedy, spent a day evaluating the ‘health' of the Lambro River in the northern Italian region of Lombardy. The 20-something Kennedy heir went on canoeing excursion along the river, located near Lake Como, in an effort to establish an ongoing relationship between the Valle Lambro Regional Park and the Waterkeepers Alliance, an American environmental organization that was established by his father. Working as the spokesperson for the organization, the young Kennedy told reporters, ‘There was a lot of sediment, so it appears dirty, but it seems fairly clean... it's a nice river! I live in Milan and so I'm in direct contact with the Lambro all the time. This is why I decided to bring the Waterkeepers Alliance to Italy; it'll be the first country in Europe that has a relationship with Waterkeepers.'


The Waterkeepers Alliance is currently committed to keeping 250 rivers worldwide clean, and will now work to maintain the health of the Lambro, the site of an alarming oil spill, caused by a nearby factory last February. Six new electronic monitoring systems have been installed along the river to analyse pollution levels in the river's waters 24 hours a day. ‘Right now, in the northern stretch of the river, the water is qualified as having "passable" or "almost passable" pollution levels... we'd like to change that to "good" by 2015,' stated Emiliano Ronzoni, president of the Valle Lambro Regional Park.


Robert Kennedy III is staying busy in Milan; he will also star in a scenes of a film, entitled ‘Ameriqua,' on the trials and tribulations of young Americans studying in Italy.


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