Conscious kids shopping in Florence

Clothes, toys, bibs and bags

Amelia Éclectique
February 7, 2017 - 14:43

From eco-kidswear purveyors to long-treasured toymakers, these Florentine children’s boutiques seamlessly balance modern-day innovation and old-school charm.



100% Birbe



Perched on the corner of borgo Ognissanti and its smattering of ornate antiques shops, 100% Birbe’s imaginative collections are sourced from independent makers across the globe. Put aside those shiny iPads and reunite your little ones with non-digital toys—from paper pirate ships to modelling pastes—whilst eyeing up the colour-popping, print-covered bibs and bags made by talented owner Costanza.


Borgo Ognissanti, 2R /




Flo Concept Store


Photo credit Birgitte Brøndsted,



This Lungarno-based creative hub is the perfect antithesis of fast fashion, spearheading a socially conscious business philosophy throughout its array of thoughtfully curated pieces. The latter combines one-offs by burgeoning young designers, eclectic garments produced in-house and vintage pieces donated by initiatives that empower the disadvantaged. Its kidswear creations are just as ethically viable, using only the finest of organic materials.


Lungarno Corsini, 30/34R /




Cri Cri



Having first championed a new genre of Florentine kidswear shopping through coveted second-hand clothing options, Cri Cri now places full emphasis on its own hand-made collections—whilst still embracing the sustainable mentality that first placed it on the map. Owner Christina’s penchant for colourful Liberty fabrics is also showcased on Cri Cri’s Etsy shop, perfect for customers savvy with a needle and thread, while non-sewing aficionados can enjoy the ready-made pacifier clips, fabric backpacks and multi-hued rain capes.


Via Il Prato, 45R




Dreoni Giocattoli



If walls could talk, there’d be no doubt that Dreoni’s edifice would have plenty to say about the 94 years it has held court on Via Cavour, having survived a World War and the 1966 flood. Much may have since changed in the way of young consumer demands, but while the in-store gadgets and gizmos might be state-of-the-art, there’s not a trace of electronic devices in sight—focusing instead on toys that naturally nurture the imagination, an objective refreshingly left unchanged since the store’s inception.


Via Camillo Cavour, 31/33R /







In the (almost) half-century since this charming label was first conceived in Arezzo, its domestic and international presence has grown exponentially, encompassing a 64 country-strong consumer market and a myriad of boutiques on Italian shores. Stepping into its evocative Firenze flagship, stocked with vibrant collections for both girls and boys, it quickly proves that its female offerings are no one-trick-pony, catering to the style shape-shifters who will raid their dress-up closets for floral frocks, then run outside in some jeans and trainers (albeit very chic ones) ready for their next adventure.


Via del Corso, 66R /




Cup of Milk


Photo credit Birgitte Brøndsted,



This Borgo Pinti-based concept boutique selects its international labels with faultless attention to detail, gravitating towards independent European brands that predominantly favour organic fabrics. Cup Of Milk’s playful collections cater to newborn tykes and pre-teens in equal measure, with an accessories range that includes fun cactus socks from Bang Bang Copenhagen and Bobo Chose’s 100% natural cotton hats and tote bags (perfect for a day at the beach).


Via Borgo Pinti, 6 /




Città del Sole



With its technicoloured toy shops spanning the length and breadth of Italy, Cittá del Sole has developed its ever-evolving range over the course of 45 years. Each new production centres on the same premise of connecting children with a portal to explore the world, stimulating their natural curiosity and creativity with toys specifically designed for their age. Never moulding their collections around the latest series of short-lived fads and minimising the appearance of electronic games, its Florence store features global brands carefully chosen for their principle of “learning through play”.


Via dello Studio, 21R /




Baby Bottega



Few children’s boutiques are more impressively kitted-out than Baby Bottega, but then with a company mindset that places love and design in equal significance, it is little wonder how this innovative space has impacted countless families since opening its enchanting doors three and a half years ago. A beautifully decorated, highly inventive setting testifies founder Daisy’s rich background in interior design, as well as her innate understanding of both parent and child as a mother-of-four. From quirky bedroom furniture to whimsical party décor, and school accessories to skincare, every conceivable aspect of a child’s everyday needs is looked after with an effusive touch.


Via Il Prato, 53-55 R /

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Ella Hughes

27 days and 22 hours and 21 minutes ago
What amazing talent and creativity makes me want to organise Mother & Baby weekend trips to Florence! So much to see and do. Thanks Amelia for your beautiful piece,