Summer camps in the Florence area

Summer camps in the Florence area

Mon 05 Jun 2017 12:37 PM

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Entertain your little tykes and teenagers with this eclectic mix of campi estivi.


Rooted in the expertise and commitment to student-centered learning that characterizes the International School of Florence, this year’s ISF kids’ camp (fully conducted in English) is designed for the sports enthused and the creatively inclined. Cleverly merging work and play in their daily activities, from interactive musical performances to team-building outdoor games, different cultures meet and mix on campus. Whether cultivating their computer mastery through the in-house lab or colourfully expressing their inner sentiments through the artistic workshops, activity groups are capped at 18 students. This quality-centred approach ensures that each young participant is given the attention they deserve throughout their discovery of new skills and nationalities.
Where? Via del Carota 23, Bagno a Ripoli
When? This summer’s two-week sessions take place on June 19–30 and July 3–14. 
How much? 975 euro per child per session for daily three-course meals, two snacks (each prepared with traceable organic local ingredients), access to computer + music labs and all materials included in the fee.



If you would prefer to keep your little ones away from computer screens, Bimbi In Movimento’s sports camps are an immediate antidote to summertime boredom. Kids aged 3 to 14 are kept constantly on the go through the educative Kinderschool (taught entirely via native English speakers), the aquatic-themed Tropics Club and La Vacanza Dietro Casa, the latter serving up a jam-packed timetable that includes orienteering, skateboarding and training with Firenze Rugby 1931. Each section encompasses activities through English—the result of a partnership with My English School—which gives any language-enthused students the chance to apply for the Trinity certificate exam.
Where? La Vacanza Dietro Casa, via de Robertis 21; Tropics Club, via Orcagna 20; Kinderschool, via Lupi 8.
When? La Vacanza Dietro Casa opens the camp’s summer season on June 12, concluding on Sept. 15.
How much? 180 euro a week for Kinderschool; 160 euro a week for Tropos Club (180 euro: 3–4 year olds); 160 euro a week for La Vacanza Dietro Casa, with a 9-week “Full Time” option available for 640 euro.



Parents hoping to give their young linguists an immersive English environment should look no further than Canadian Island. Having evolved their fun-filled courses for more than two decades, 3–17 year olds are divided into four age-appropriate camps, with children aged 6 and up eligible for a week-long stay in a breathtaking agriturismo. An array of multi-activity sessions, from energetic water games to expressive music and drama workshops, are coupled with all-encompassing language lessons. Older participants can enjoy even more hands-on activities in the Tuscan countryside, from horseback riding to archery. Picking up new lingo has never been so seamless.
Where? Canadian Island HQ is on via Gioberti; Junior + Teen Camp locations include Molino del Piano and Podere Castellare.
When? Kicking off on June 12 with the Junior Day Camp, all courses finish by July 28.
How much? Prices start at 240 euro per week for Kids Camp and head up to 1,170 euro for a week’s residential camp.



With their culturally enriched courses spanning Italy’s most picturesque cities, Arte Al Sole excites and enlightens its charge of budding art enthusiasts (primarily 6–16 year olds). The Florence branch sees a duo of awe-striking palazzi act as “base camp” as well as accommodation for any fortunate camp-lodgers, from which participants get to grips with their artistic surroundings in unrivalled depth. Whether relishing a personalised “master project” with local artisans (the structure of which echoes Renaissance apprenticeships) or cooking up a Tuscan-flavoured storm, the diversity in options caters to all conceivable attendees, from kids-only, one-week courses to day-long workshops that the whole family can enjoy.
Where? Palazzo Belfiore + Palazzo San Niccolò, Oltrarno.
When? The Art in the Renaissance City programmes run June 19–23, June 26–30 + July 3–7.
How much? 455 euro per child for Art in the Renaissance City, with family lodging packages starting at 1,800 euro a week (two adults, one child).



A creation of Florence’s Museo della Storia Naturale, 6–11 year olds with insatiable curiosity are perfectly suited to these week-long adventures. Breathing new life into the city’s abundant heritage, participants discover secret botanical gardens and evocative museum rooms. Gaining exciting insights into nature, evolution and key historic figures such as Galileo Galilei and Leonardo da Vinci, these group explorations are combined with a multitude of manual projects (all of which can be brought home at the end of the week).
Where? Pick-up and drop-off is held at Orto Botanico, via P.A Micheli 3 (La Specola, via Romana 17, fills this role on Wednesdays).
When? This summer’s itinerary commences with Una settimana da naturalisti on June 19–23 and ends with A tu per tu con la Balena on September 11–14.
How much? 140 euro for each one-week course; 110 euro for A tu per tu con la Balena.




The ultimate experience for prospective Einsteins, Il Laboratorio imbues serious fun into its scientific course material. Its Summer Campus splits into Junior (7–10 year olds) and Senior (10–11 year olds) groupings, collaborating with Lego® Education to construct the most intricate and impressive-looking robots. Stimulating creativity with invaluable programming and coding skills, these week-long sessions comprise 3–4 hours of daily activities. The finished robot is given new dimensions through accompanying “digital storytelling”; vivid animations created by campers using their newly learnt skills.
Where? Museo Zoologico La Specola, via Romana 17.
When? The last Junior summer camp is set for June 26–30, while the remaining Senior camps will take place July 3–7 to 10–14. 
How much? 135 euro per week.


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