Porte Aperte: a closer look at Le Cure

Porte Aperte: a closer look at Le Cure

Thu 12 Apr 2018 10:07 AM

Le Cure is one of the lesser-known districts of Florence, likely to gain greater recognition after the renovation of its main piazza early next year. With a small-village vibe and virtually unknown status among most tourists, the neighbourhood has a real artistic spirit and social fabric of its own. These assets will be celebrated at the first edition of Porte Aperte, a two-day event (April 14 and 15) during which businesses, private spaces and homes will open their doors to the public for entertainment and meet-and-greets with the public: art, music, photos, poetry, workshops and more. Think of it as a literal “open house” for this more hidden side of Florence, with multiple venues participating.

Porte Aperte’s organisers stress that the event aims to create a new type of interactive culture, and to showcase the “activities that animate the life of the neighbourhood.” Over the course of the weekend several events, most of them free, will take place in different locations around Le Cure.

On April 14, Vivaio (via Faentina, 59) will host an hour-long Yoga, Qi Gong and TaiChiChuan class (12pm, booking required; email info@jiva.it). Following that, Fare Spazio a few doors down (via Faentina 32r) will be open for people to enjoy and take in a collective video story made by Rodef Group.

The weekend’s main theme of discovery will be on full display at a Monogrid event (April 14, 5pm, via del Ponte alle Riffe, 21R) – an exhibition and demonstration of the latest innovations in augmented, digital and virtual reality. Similarly, Vivaio will open their doors their doors once again to host an open class and performance of Afro-Brazilian martial capoeira (April 15, 3-4pm).


Mugnone torrent // ph. Birgitte Brøndsted 


Younger visitors can explore their perhaps-untapped artistic sides at the “Paper bum bum” artistic workshop for children on Saturday at L’Officina di Barbarella (viuzzo dei Bruni 14); the sessions will use techniques inspired by Munari with the aim of creating art through pure experimentation. The focus is on the journey the child takes to create, rather than the finished product (10.30am-12.30pm, paid event, email lofficinadibarbarella@gmail.com to book). In a similar vein, everyone can get creative at the Collage Workshop with Zellart (April 15, 4pm, paid event, email florenceliveexperience@gmail.com to reserve).


Various art and photo exhibitions will be opened, including Virdis, a photo exhibition by Davide Virdis at the Pierallini Studio (viuzzo dei Bruni 16) on both days (5-8pm), and one by Federica Cucchi at Le Curandaie (via Cirillo 2L) on April 14 (4.30-7.30pm).


In addition, Porte Aperte is offering tours of Le Cure’s standout street art, as seen in the underpasses of Piazza delle Cure and Via Faentina, exploring how it has transformed these public walkways into modern art shows.


The weekend comes to a close on Sunday night at L’Officina di Barbarella with a DJ set and cocktail bar provided by Bottega del Pane (7-11pm).


Entry to the majority of events is free, unless otherwise indicated. For the full list of events and for more information, see the Facebook event or email porteaperteemail@gmail.com.

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