Giving back to Florence

Charities and associations

Helen Farrell
December 18, 2019 - 11:08

Warm the cockles of your heart by doing something worthy this Christmas. Here are three Florentine charities in need of donations.





The name: Fondazione Meyer


The reason: Tuscany’s leading children’s hospital never rests on its laurels. Donations go towards improving a child’s time in hospital and accommodating families who need to stay close to their little ones, as well as to scientific research, play therapy, and clinical and technological R&D. Another way to make a difference is to join the Friends of Meyer Association and volunteer your time to fundraising efforts.




The name: Unione Amici del Cane e del Gatto


The reason: Plans for a new animal shelter in Florence have been announced, which come as a boon given the closure of the via del Termini facility scheduled for December 31. The association is calling for donations and volunteers for the project, which is expected to include on-call veterinary services for healthcare and behaviour management, an outdoor space for picnics with the animals and weekend educational workshops.




The name: Artemisia Centro Violenza


The reason: Artemisia provides support to women and children who have been subjected to violent episodes during their adulthood or in their younger years. The centre is equally committed to educating the next generation to stamp out violence against women and offers training to professionals working in the field of women’s rights. Get involved by making a donation (you can specify how the money will be used) or volunteer.

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