Poke in Florence

The best of the bowls

Vincenzo D'Angelo
February 26, 2020 - 11:01

There’s a new way to eat your sashimi: poke bowls. My colleague and I recently invented a new word: Pokedì (take note, Accademia della Crusca!) It’s a combination between poke and venerdì (Friday), and the result is that we’re ordering this delicious dish almost once a week. Originating with Hawaiian fishermen who seasoned the offcuts from their catch as a snack, it's caught on as a culinary trend and several poke restaurants have opened in Florence. Here’s my top three.




Pokeria by Nima





You can choose between three different sizes of bowls to fill with rice, quinoa, salads, raw fish, veggies and toppings. There are two stores located in the Oltrarno and Novoli, where the University of Florence is based, and both use Too Good To Go, an app that connects diners with a variety of shops and restaurants that sell unsold perfectly edible food for affordable prices instead of throwing it away. It’s an ingenious way to enjoy fresh fish while on a budget (been there, done that, got the t-shirt!).


Piazza Nazario Sauro 5 + Via Enrico Finzi 21, Florence / @pokeriabynima





Pokinho by Temakinho





Think Japanese sushi combined with quality Latin-American ingredients, spices and cooking, as well as exclusive Temakinho products like shiso leaves, choclo corn and superfood couve. A large poke bowl costs around 13 euro and includes two types of rice, two sorts of protein (try the octopus!) and three vegetables. Toppings and soy sauce are included. You can choose between takeaway or table service, which incur an additional cost.


Piazza degli Strozzi 14-15, Florence / @temakinho










You’ve spent the morning visiting San Marco Museum and your appointment isn’t for another 30 minutes? Pop to Sushiland, a take-away restaurant that offers a wide selection of Aussie rolls, uramaki, futomaki, hosomaki and, you’ve guessed it, poke bowls. It’s located right on piazza Indipendenza, where you can sit and enjoy your speedy but healthy meal before continuing your exploration
of Florence.


Via Nazionale 158R, Florence / @sushilandflorence

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