IN BOTTEGA launches online shopping connection with artisans

IN BOTTEGA launches online shopping connection with artisans

Wed 24 Nov 2021 9:19 AM

I’m pleased to announce the launch of a new platform designed to bring artisans of the Oltrarno together with discerning shoppers – IN BOTTEGA. The pandemic has led to an increased demand for online access to artisanal work, but not all artisans have an online presence, which severely limits access to their creative products and services.


IN BOTTEGA is an organization designed to provide broader exposure to the work of these dedicated artisans and to help them connect with their clients. The site is a dynamic information hub with details on how to access the work of individual artisans. It is also a resource for classes and coursework, personal shopping services, private commissions, restorations, and a variety of online and social media channels related to art and culture in Florence. We will also feature a section with links to similar efforts both in Florence and around the world. Demand for unique and one-of a kind pieces from a core group of intenditori – those who appreciate artisanal goods – has no borders.


IN BOTTEGA serves as a connector of these connoisseurs and artisans and will endeavor to ensure these relationships thrive in a peri- and post-pandemic world.


We are conducting virtual shopping tours with historian Simone Catelani and Andrea Brilli of @firenzeprimaedopo. Visiting individual botteghe, Simone, Andrea and Giovanna Bruno of MONNALUNA showcase artisans of the Oltrarno, and introduce their unique creations. The series is an inside path to a variety of artisans’ work, and a peek inside their fascinating studios!


IN BOTTEGA is an inclusive effort, open to all artisans, and avenues to reach them. Through difficult times it’s reassuring to know it is also an opportunity to forge new collaborations and consolidate endeavors, for the benefit of both artisans and their intenditori. Thank you to The Florentine and its readers for helping to preserve art and culture in Florence!


Kris Garland




For more information on connecting with our artisans, please visit or contact us.



Connecting Artisans & Intenditori

Holiday Shopping with the Artisans

If you missed your trip to Italy this year, or simply want an authentic shopping experience, please contact us or visit:




Virtual Shopping Tours

Join Simone Catelani and Andrea Brilli of @firenzeprimaedopo as they tour the bottegas of the Oltrarno and introduce our artisans and their work.




Personal Shopping Service

Choose from a selection of original and authentic Florentine products. We consolidate all your purchases with one local, trusted shipper and your selections are delivered directly to you!




Original Private Commissions

Looking to commission a unique treasure? We’ll help you connect directly with an artisan to design a one-of-a-kind original.




In-Person Classes & Tours

Planning a visit to Florence? We offer classes, tours and in-bottega experiences – these make great gifts to customize and plan in advance of your trip!

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