Restoration Conversations explores ‘Fotografe!’ at Villa Bardini

Restoration Conversations explores ‘Fotografe!’ at Villa Bardini

Online talk exploring women's contributions to the Alinari Archives.

Mon 05 Sep 2022 11:18 AM

During the next instalment of Restoration Conversations, live streamed from Villa Bardini on September 12, co-curator Walter Guadagnini will be joining Linda Falcone, Managing Editor and Presenter of Restoration Conversations, to explore exhibition highlights on location, at the show Fotografe! Women photographers. Alinari Archives to Contemporary Perspectives

Following her debut in the 1920s, Wanda Wulz displayed a fleeting interest in futurism that sparked such innovative photography as to earn her lasting renown as Italy’s sole female futurist. Although her sister and collaborator Marion did not achieve the same level of fame, the two business partners photographed together for the whole of their lives, modelling for each other with the playful savoir faire of artists who took turns being master and muse.

Portrait of Wanda Wulz in motorcyclist’s gear by Marion Wulz

“Our intent is to breathe new life into photography of the past and see the works of the present under a different light by sparking a dialogue between photography icons, like the Wulz sisters, Margaret Bourke White and Germaine Krull, and emerging female artists of modern-day Italy, including Giulia Parlato, Federica Belli and Sofia Uslenghi,” Guadagnini explains about the show at Villa Bardini and Forte di Belvedere until October 2.

Organized by Calliope Arts and The Florentine, this Restoration Conversation explores women’s contributions to the Alinari Archives, one of the finest and most complete of its kind in the world.

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