Michelin starred restaurants in Tuscany for 2023

Michelin starred restaurants in Tuscany for 2023

Tuscany now boasts 40 Michelin-starred restaurants.

Wed 09 Nov 2022 11:43 AM

Italian cuisine has long since been a favourite, but in recent years chefs in Tuscany have been scaling the heights of culinary excellence. Here’s an overview to 2023 Michelin-starred restaurants in Tuscany, which vaunts five new 1-star entries for the region: Chic Nonna, in Florence; Terramira, in Capolona; Paca, in Prato; Cannavacciuolo Vineyard, in Casanova di Terricciola, and Campo del Drago, on the Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco resort near Montalcino. Tuscany now boasts 40 Michelin-starred restaurants, a hallmark of the region’s gastronomic vitality, ingredients, wine and wellbeing.

(The reviews are taken from the official Michelin website for 2023.)

3* Michelin starred restaurants in Tuscany

Enoteca Pinchiorri

The cuisine at Pinchiorri (via Ghibellina 87, Florence / +39 055 26311) is striking for its opulent and grandiose style which impresses without becoming overly fussy or excessive, so that the main focus in every dish is the flavour of its ingredients. The magnificent feast of courses resembles a firework display, with each course more impressive than the last in a growing crescendo of delights. It’s worth coming here simply to experience the service, an impeccable waltz directed by Alessandro Tomberli, one of the best maître-d’s in Italy. Annie Féolde, one of the restaurant’s icons, left the reins to the highly talented chef Riccardo Monco, who continues to nurture and satisfy the Italian appetite for fine cuisine. Credit must also go to Giorgio Pinchiorri, who has developed a wine list that is renowned across the globe.

2* Michelin starred restaurants in Tuscany


The small, fairly ordinary village of Ghirlanda in the heart of the Colline Metallifere is home to an unexpectedly elegant restaurant, where chef Francesco creates highly original and personalised cuisine. His focus is mainly on meat dishes, which are full of contrasting yet harmoniously balanced flavours (vegetable-meat, fatty-acidic, sweet-sour, soft-crunchy etc). Francesco’s brother Luca takes care of the wine and front of house with skill and dedication; the wine list is extensive and well structured, subdivided into two separate sections (Italy and the rest of the world). Bracali (via di Perolla 2, Ghirlanda / +39 3534231425) has established a partnership with the local diocese, including helping with the social integration of refugees and managing food waste. In the dining room, works of art are exhibited on a rotation basis and listed in a catalogue.


Standing in the centre of a charming Tuscan village, Caino (via della Chiesa 4, Montemerano / +39 0564 602817) is the gravitational centre of the cuisine of the Maremma, where Valeria Piccini is its proudest ambassador. This skilful chef sources the best ingredients from the region and then extracts every ounce of flavour from them, transforming typical “peasant” recipes and traditions into an extraordinary gastronomic experience on two tasting menus: “Piatti Storici” and “Idee in Movimento”, the latter inspired by an imaginary voyage around the world. Front of house, Valeria is ably assisted by son Andrea, who oversees the well-stocked wine cellar. In summer, the bistro-style Il Giardino di Caino opens on the terrace, serving dishes inspired by old family traditions.


Situated in Italy’s capital of crystal, this restaurant takes its name from the 14C architect Arnolfo di Cambio, whose birthplace is just a few hundred metres from here. Arnolfo (viale della Rimembranza 24, Colle di Val d’Elsa / +39 0577 920549) is first and foremost a family business, which gives it a friendly, welcoming ambience. Guests are served delicious seasonal specialities that are typical of the region, on a menu that showcases a wide variety of ingredients with a range of flavours (sweet, bitter, sharp and crunchy). Chef Gaetano Trovato travels all over the region in search of the best producers to ensure that his ingredients are of the highest quality. From these carefully selected ingredients, he creates cuisine that is respectful of Tuscan traditions while also adding his own touch of creativity and personality. Although some dishes are influenced by Sicilian culinary traditions, the chef’s favourite dish is pigeon, for which he will always find space on the menu!

Il Piccolo Principe

Situated on the ground floor of the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte (piazza Giacomo Puccini 1, Viareggio / +39 0584 4011), an iconic hotel in Viareggio which recently celebrated its centenary, this restaurant boasts a long, elegant dining room and attentive, professional service. Chef Giuseppe Mancino offers various tasting menus, including a vegetarian option, from which dishes can also be chosen à la carte. With beautiful presentation that seems to have come straight out of a painting, his dishes combine local and international traditions with a hearty dose of creativity. The excellent wine list includes an impressive choice by the glass and a fine array of French labels.

Santa Elisabetta

Thought to date back to Byzantine times, the Torre della Pagliazza has had many uses over the centuries, including housing a women’s prison in the 12C. Today it is home to one of the most interesting gourmet restaurants in Florence (piazza Santa Elisabetta 3, Florence / +39 055 2737673), where chef Rocco De Santis creates imaginative Mediterranean cuisine which is precise and full of flavour, with influences from his native Campania and an emphasis on fish and seafood. At lunchtime, a tasting menu of just three courses (“Carte Blanche”) is also available. As there are just a few tables here, guests are advised to book well in advance.

1* Michelin starred restaurants in Tuscany

Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura

Florence’s cosmopolitan credentials receive a boost with Karime Lopez and Takahiko Kondo’s cuisine, served in this modern, lively restaurant (piazza della Signoria 10, Florence / +39 055 75927038) that bears the name of theatrical chef Massimo Bottura. The cuisine overseen by these excellent cooks demonstrates an openness to the rest of the world, with influences and reinterpretations of dishes from other countries, as well as Italy and Modena in particular. In addition to the à la carte, there are two tasting menus (I Nostri Souvenirs and Le Nostre Nuove Memorieand – only for lunch the Breve Viaggio in Osteria. A visit to the Gucci Garden, an elegant museum on the upper floors dedicated to the famous fashion house, is highly recommended.

Chic Nonna

Ph. Marco Badiani

Behind the cathedral in Florence, this gourmet restaurant is housed in the Corte degli Imperatori at Palazzo Portinari (via del Corso 6, Florence / +39 055 5353555), once the residence of the Salviati family. Here, chef Vito Mollica delights guests with culinary creations that focus on the sea and unusual combinations that come as a pleasant surprise. The ingredients are of the highest quality, from the fragrant home-made bread to the highly distinctive first courses, plus there’s an excellent choice of olive oils (mainly Tuscan and Umbrian). Meals are served in a dining room adorned with original frescoes depicting episodes from the Odyssey, alongside scenes of daily life in the 16C, while the gentle bubbling of a fountain provides a pleasant background soundtrack. The exceptionally professional service enhances this sublime experience that combines artistry and gastronomy.

Virtuoso Gourmet – Tenuta Le Tre Virtù

Nestled in the bucolic setting of the Mugello hills less than 50km from Florence, this rustic-chic restaurant (località Lucigliano 13, San Piero a Sieve / 055 0763619) pays tribute to Tuscany thanks to chef Antonello Sardi, who is himself from Florence. Having learned modern techniques in previous restaurants, Sardi also keeps the connection with his region alive. Although many of the ingredients used in his two tasting menus are home-produced, the chef has also forged strong links with small producers from across the region, showcasing top-quality produce and early fruit and vegetables. The wine list demonstrates the same focus on the region (as well as a love for France), with a good selection of local labels. Seven charming suites in rustic Tuscan style are also available. 


Just a stone’s throw from the historic centre, this restaurant (via Fra’ Bartolomeo 13, Prato / +39 0574 1820222) serves modern Italian cuisine prepared with carefully chosen ingredients sourced, where possible, from local and zero-kilometre producers. The excellent service adds to this pleasant gourmet experience in the town of Prato.


One of the most original and imaginative chefs in the Versilia region is at the helm in the luxury Plaza e de Russie hotel’s showcase restaurant (viale Manin 4, Viareggio / +39 0584 44449), where the bright, modern dining room overlooks Viareggio’s famous seafront promenade. Three tasting menus are available here: the first dedicated to fish, the second vegetarian, and the third focusing on meat, with guests able to choose courses freely from each menu à la carte style. Whatever you choose the dishes here are of a rare elegance, with occasionally striking presentations. Chef Luca Landi’s cuisine pays tribute to the region, using excellent ingredients such as local fish and produce from Tuscany’s inland areas.


Situated at the entrance to a romantic village in the Chianti region, this former stable has been converted into a quiet, elegant restaurant (via Nuova 6, località Villa a Sesta, Castelnuovo Berardenga / +39 0577 359279) by a young couple, with a beautiful garden for summer dining. Here, guests can sit after dinner and enjoy the sound of neighbours calling to each other in the background, a pleasant reminder of life in Italy in days gone by. At the helm in the kitchen, the husband champions traditional cuisine which is minimalist in its choice of flavours and made from just a few well-balanced ingredients. The impeccably kept garden, which is as beautiful and well presented as his dishes, is also the chef’s work (he certainly has green fingers!). A real Italian culinary gem!

Campo del Drago

This top quality restaurant (località Castiglion del Bosco, Montalcino / +39 0577 1913001) is strategically located in the centre of the village. It offers fine cuisine, an elegant ambience and attentive service, ensuring that guests enjoy a relaxing dining experience.


Ph. Alberto Blasetti

Housed in a beautiful 18C palazzo, Giglio (piazza del Giglio 2, Lucca / +39 0583 494058) was founded in 1979 and is now run by three young men who took over just a few years ago. These three friends form a real team, who have come together to inject new life into the restaurant which stands on one of the many squares in Lucca’s charming historic centre. In fine weather, guests can enjoy the lively summer atmosphere outdoors, while those who prefer a quieter ambience can book a table in the more austere and elegant dining room indoors. Modern cuisine with a very Italian feel, combined with French techniques and the occasional use of international ingredients.

Il Falconiere

To get to this exclusive restaurant, you drive through an idyllic landscape of small lanes lined with dry-stone walls and fields belonging to the Baracchi farm estate, of which Il Falconiere (località San Martino a Bocena 370, San Martino / +39 0575 612679) and the magnificent hotel of the same name are a part. Many of the ingredients served here, such as wine and olive oil, are produced on the estate and the restaurant’s strong connection with its local landscapes is evident. Specialities such as Chianina beef, local garlic and pici pasta feature in dishes spiced with aromatic herbs and full of the strong flavours of Tuscany.

Borgo San Jacopo

Housed within the Hotel Lungarno (borgo San Jacopo 62R, Florence / +39 055 281661), one of the most charming hotels in the city, this restaurant boasts the same elegant and exclusive style as the hotel. Chef Claudio Mengoni is at the helm here, having gained experience working in various Michelin-starred restaurants before returning home to Florence about three years ago. Here, he transforms carefully chosen Italian ingredients into refined fish, meat and vegetable dishes which respect the seasons and are beautifully presented. Sommelier Salvatore Biscotti is responsible for the excellent wine selection, which includes around a thousand different labels featuring renowned estates and small producers alike. It’s well worth booking one of the few romantic tables overlooking the Arno. 


Having gained valuable experience elsewhere, the Scapecchi brothers are now back in Arezzo (piazza della Vittoria 13, Capolona / +39 0575 420989), where their restaurant offers views of the River Arno from its beautiful and softly lit dining room. Here, two tasting menus showcase the region’s seasonal ingredients in modern dishes which are precise and yet full of distinctive and authentic flavours. 


Housed in two small dining rooms connected by an arch on the ground floor of an old palazzo, this restaurant (scalinata Camillo Berneri 2, Arezzo / +39 0575 343521) is decorated with materials that give it a minimalist feel – a combination of stone, wood and iron in the tables, glass in the mirrors and bottles on display, and paper in the books arranged in small niches, just like the lounge of a private home. There are just 20 seats in this warm, intimate and unfussy restaurant, as well as a large counter separated by an arch at the entrance which precedes the recently restructured kitchen. Observation of his own region has shown owner-chef Luca Fracassi that the varied geography of his province is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. As a result, he has embarked upon an impassioned search for ingredients that best showcase the region, combining these in dishes that not only respect the flavours of his produce but also revive traditional local techniques and include the occasional oriental influence. His cuisine is modern yet eschews modern trends, paying careful attention to integrity of flavour and zero waste. In this way, the kitchen becomes a place in which wild ingredients and forgotten flavours are rediscovered and brought back to life. This focus on lost traditions combines ingredients such as snails and game (often neglected in urban restaurants) with a skilful and updated use of contemporary culinary techniques.

Il Palagio

Situated on the ground floor of the Palazzo della Gherardesca and surrounded by beautiful mature gardens, Il Palagio (borgo Pinti 99, Florence / +39 2626450) is a gourmet evening restaurant decorated in elegant, refined neo-Classic style. The cuisine focuses on Italian culinary traditions reinterpreted by chef Paolo Lavezzini, who describes himself as “Italian by heart and Brazilian by soul” (he spent many years working in Brazil). Although born in the region of Emilia, Lavezzini’s dishes fully respect Tuscan traditions embellished with the occasional Brazilian influence. Vegetarians are also catered for, with their own tasting menu. 

La Torre

Il Castello del Nero (strada Spicciano 7, Tavarnelle Val di Pesa / +39 055 806470), the spectacular 12C residence that is home to this restaurant, stands in a magical location that includes many of the attractions that make Tuscany such a special place to visit – a breathtaking view from its summer terrace, an elegant dining room full of history, and top-quality ingredients such as extra-virgin olive oil and wine (the attractive wine cellar boasts a generous selection of the latter). However, the main attraction here is the excellent cuisine made by friendly chef Di Pirro, which is technical, creative and at the same time full of flavour, and always beautifully presented as befits the charming setting. The property is home to a kitchen garden (cultivated organically although as yet not certified organic) which boasts up to 10 varieties of tomato alongside a number of fruit trees. The restaurant offers three menus: the “Evoluzione Vegetali” vegetarian option; “La Terra”, in which meat dishes take pride of place; and “Il Mare”, featuring fish and seafood specialities. Last but not least, the dessert menu is striking for its extraordinarily imaginative sweets, as well as delicacies such as mini cakes, chocolates and macaroons served with your coffee.

Osteria di Passignano

Part of the Antinori estate, this restaurant (via Passignano 33, Passignano / +39 055 8071278) has an elegant feel despite describing itself as an “osteria” (a more informal inn). It occupies an old site next to the old Badia di Passignano abbey after which it is named, and in whose wine cellars some of Antinori’s best Chianti is laid to age. This charming setting is full of history and references to wine. In the kitchen, the young chef maintains strong connections with the region and its wine, creating a menu with a resolutely seasonal focus. The personalised dishes are modern and cleverly designed to make full use of the property’s two stand-out features – the abbey’s beautiful kitchen garden which provides the chef with his herbs and vegetables, and the wine list which is truly impressive. The Tuscan wines are particularly notable, especially the legendary labels from the restaurant’s own winery.

La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini

After a majestic picture-postcard approach via a long avenue lined with cypress trees and maritime pines, passing vineyards and Maremma cattle along the way, you finally arrive at this restaurant (Località Badiola, Castiglione della Pescaia / +39 0564 944322) which serves trattoria-style cuisine full of intense, familiar and reassuring flavours. The decor here is elegant with the occasional rustic touch, while the service is of the highest level yet pleasantly friendly and informal. Welcome to Bartolini’s Maremma restaurant! Here, resident chef Bruno De Moura Cossio offers a choice of dishes with one common denominator, namely charcoal grilling. All the dishes served here have been grilled in some way, so that they have a distinctive barbecued flavour. However, although the chef’s Brazilian origins are obvious in many different ways, the ingredients are resolutely local, some even from the restaurant’s own farm. The friendly service makes guests feel completely at home, while the excellent wine selection is an added attraction – those produced on the estate itself are highly recommended.

Il Pellicano

After a period working in Paris, Michelino Gioia, a native of Campania with a weakness for Tuscany, has returned to Italy to work with the Sciò family, where he demonstrates a new focus on a “less is more” philosophy. He uses just a few ingredients in his dishes, allowing the flavour of these ingredients to shine through in imaginative reinterpretations of traditional recipes with contrasting textures, decisive flavours and an equal focus on meat and fish. With its terrace overlooking the sea and the scent of rosemary in the air, Il Pellicano (località Lo Sbarcatello, Porto Ercole / +39 0564 858111) is one of the most romantic addresses in Italy, enhanced by the friendly, professional service provided by its many staff.

Cannavacciuolo Vineyard

The famous talented chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo has opened one of his Laqua resorts in a lesser-known part of Tuscany that boasts charming verdant landscapes. The resort (via del Teatro 8, Casanova di Terricciola / +39 0587 346782) occupies part of the fully renovated small hamlet, where the comfortable contemporary-style decor in the restaurant is echoed by the precise modern cuisine, which is skilfully presented and perfectly balanced between flavour and elegance. Guests can admire the almost surgical precision of resident chef Marco Suriano as he finishes the dishes in the open-view kitchen. The service is equally impressive, with a team trained by professional staff boasting plenty of experience at home and abroad. The resort also has spacious, comfortable apartments available, with breakfast served in your room.


This authentic family restaurant (località Pescina 9, Seggiano / +39 0564 950805) situated in a quiet mountain village with just a few inhabitants serves delicious home-made cuisine. The owner-chef here delights guests with his decidedly Tuscan dishes full of intense flavours and prepared mainly from produce grown in the restaurant’s kitchen garden. His generous offerings include proverbial recipes such as fried egg with leaves and flowers and his classic pigeon with herbs, all seasoned with olive oil produced on the property from Seggiano olives. Excellent wine list, plus thoughtful recommendations to accompany your meal. 


Despite the name, this restaurant is not a simple bistro but rather a gourmet restaurant (viale Franceschi 14, Forte dei Marmi / +39 0584 89879) in which the excellent chef focuses on two key elements. The first is the restaurant’s own farm which supplies it with olive oil, herbs, vegetables and some meat; the second is the presence of two wood-fired ovens in which the chef bakes different breads, as well as cooking some of his dishes (lobster, in particular). The hospitality here is of the highest order, with exceptional service and a wine cellar (a visit is highly recommended) that is home to a selection of superb Italian and international wines.


This gastronomic institution (via Carducci 61, Forte dei Marmi / +39 0584 874030) has been an emblem of the Versilia region for the past 40 years, offering unchanging quality ever since it opened in 1981. The baton is slowly passing now to daughter Chiara, an expert sommelier who, together with her staff, ensures that guests enjoy the best possible experience. Surrounded by contemporary works of art (a passion inherited from great-grandfather Lorenzo after whom the restaurant is named), guests are guaranteed a fine dining experience thanks to the excellent fish dishes (some of the best in Italy) as well as iconic dishes such as spaghetti alla versiliese and other delicacies on the three tasting menus (Cuori, Picche, Quadri). The wine cellar is also worthy of praise, with its two wine lists (one dedicated to Italy, the other to non-Italian wines) that will appeal to connoisseurs with their excellent vintages and renowned labels.

Lux Lucis

A lift takes guests up to the roof garden of this restaurant housed in the Principe Forte dei Marmi hotel (viale A. Morin 67, Forte dei Marmi / +39 0584 783636), where a terrace provides the perfect setting for an aperitif with its enchanting views of the coast and (if you’re lucky) beautiful sunsets. From here, you move into the dining room preceded by an open-view kitchen. Originally from the hills around Modena, the chef here likes to include Emilian touches in his perfectly presented dishes. The wine list has an unusual layout, with wines listed according to grape variety and each one accompanied by an interesting description.


Butterfly (SS 12 del Brennero 192, Marlia / +39 0583 307573) boasts an almost magical setting, with an impeccably tended garden for warm summer days and an elegant dining room in the beautiful 19C farmhouse. Here, Fabrizio and Andrea serve excellent, consistent cuisine with something for everyone on the menu – there’s a particular focus on the highly creative first courses. The management team here stands out for its friendly approach, while in the dining room Mariella oversees an enthusiastic and professional team who ensure that guests enjoy attentive service down to the smallest detail. Our inspectors particularly recommend the panna cotta with cherry jam served in a large glass.


Opened in 1966, Romano (via Mazzini 120, Viareggio / +39 0584 31382) is a real culinary institution in the Versilia region, serving cuisine made from top-quality ingredients, with a particular focus on local fish. Although its philosophy has not changed over the years, current chef Nicola Gronchi should be applauded for adding a hint of contemporary flavour and technical expertise to the cuisine, while still retaining everything that this restaurant does best, namely serving fish of the highest quality (there are also a few meat dishes), including the occasional typical Versilian recipe.

Atman a Villa Rospigliosi

You climb up into the hills, along winding roads and past olive groves, to the spectacular 17C Villa Rospigliosi (designed by Bernini) which boasts breathtaking views (via Borghetto 1, località Spicchio, Lamporecchio / +39 0573 803432). From here, you’re accompanied through various period-style rooms to the restaurant, where another surprise awaits: a modern, designer-style dining room with a few tables facing the stage-like open-view kitchen. Here, chef Marco Cahssai (whose grandfather emigrated to Italy from Eritrea) creates a single extensive tasting menu which offers plenty of flexibility, allowing guests to choose the number of courses they want or even to order the exact dishes that appeal to them, as if ordering à la carte. This talented chef’s imagination and creativity allows him to combine regional ingredients with surprising touches from further afield. The wine list is excellent, overseen by a new sommelier who – just like his predecessor – suggests superb wine pairings.

La Bottega del 30

There’s a story behind the name of this restaurant (via Santa Caterina 2, località Villa a Sesta, Castelnuovo Berardenga / +39 0577 359226): on the 30th day of every month a travelling salesman used to stop in this small, delightful village. In the meantime, a young French chef, Hélène, arrived here and fell in love with Chianti and its cuisine. She named her restaurant after the travelling salesman and the name has been kept in his memory. In a typical setting of stone walls and old rural objects from bygone days, Hélène is now front-of-house taking care of guests, while Nadia Mongiat has replaced her in the kitchen, where she continues with the restaurant’s tradition of creating simple Tuscan cuisine. The focus here is on preparing ingredients in traditional ways, such as pork liver (the thinnest part of the liver is used) cooked at a low temperature and then stored in lard with fennel for a few days before being re-heated sous-vide in a bain-marie. As a result, the liver (served lukewarm on a bed of Tuscan green beans) is soft and delicious.

Castello di Fighine

A dirt track leads to this magical setting – an 11C castle perched among the Tuscan hills which is now privately owned and has been restored and renovated over the past 15 years. Situated in the hamlet surrounding the castle, the restaurant (borgo di Fighine, San Casciano dei Bagni / +39 0578 56158) boasts a beautiful terrace shaded by wisteria where meals are served in fine weather. In the kitchen, the successful partnership between new resident chef Francesco Nunziata and three-starred Michelin chef Heinz Beck is immediately obvious. Two apartments are available in Casa Parretti for anyone wishing to prolong their stay here.


This restaurant is situated right in the historic centre of San Gimignano, yet slightly away from its main streets (piazza Sant’Agostino, San Gimignano / +39 0577 891151). Culture and a strong connection to the region are perfect companions to the fine flavours that chef Vincenzo Martella translates into delicious fish and meat dishes, often casually combining these different ingredients in the same dish. The beautiful presentation and attention to detail is echoed in the contemporary works of art that adorn the walls. Highly professional yet friendly service, with staff happy to offer recommendations, including assisting with your choice of wine.

Gabbiano 3.0

All RIghts Reserved www.albertoblasetti.com

Meals at this restaurant (Porto turistico 11, Marina di Grosseto / +39 0564 337812) are served in an elegant dining room with views of the marina below or, on warm summer evenings, on the stylish outdoor veranda. The views include some incredible sunsets, with Elba standing out in the distance, as well as Pianosa and even Corsica on the clearest days. In the kitchen, the chef takes guests on a culinary journey with a focus on flavour and contrasts, often creating unusual combinations. There are some excellent wines to accompany the tasting menus, with young, professional staff on hand to offer their recommendations.

Poggio Rosso

You cross a magical landscape of hills dotted with cypress and olive trees, woodland and vineyards to get to Borgo San Felice, the luxury hotel that is home to Poggio Rosso (località San Felice, Castelnuovo Berardenga / +39 0577 3964). Here, multi-Michelin-starred Enrico Bartolini has chosen his child prodigy Juan Quintero, originally from Colombia, as chef at the helm. Despite the chef’s origins, the cuisine is fundamentally creative and regionally influenced, with just a few South American touches here and there. Juan has fallen in love with Tuscany and he interprets the region’s cuisine with real elegance and contemporary flair. All of this in a luxurious yet unstuffy setting, with service which is impeccable and always accompanied by a smile.

Franco Mare

This typical, elegant Versilian beach club (via lungomare Roma 41, Marina di Pietrasanta / +39 0584 20187) with an open-plan feel extending from the car park to the beach serves top-quality cuisine to guests. Its facilities include an entrance lounge, stylish dining room full of character, a swimming pool and a second lounge space. The menu is simpler at lunchtime, except during the low season when you can request the gourmet menu (normally only served in the evenings) when booking. Fish and seafood take pride of place on the menu, with classic dishes reinterpreted with a modern twist by a chef who takes particular care with presentation.

Sala dei Grappoli

A beautiful drive through typical picture-postcard Tuscan scenery of vineyards, cypress and olive trees takes you to the imposing medieval Castello Banfi (Poggio alle Mura / +39 0577 877505), which stands proudly in front of this restaurant. La Sala dei Grappoli takes its name from the vines depicted in frescoes on the walls of its dining room, although in fine weather you’ll want to take advantage of the outdoor terrace where the beautiful views combine with impeccable service and superb cuisine to offer an unforgettable experience. Originally from Puglia, chef Domenico Francone includes Puglian specialities on the menu, such as his taralli and exquisite panzerotti. Despite this, the chef has completely embraced Tuscan cuisine (often from the Maremma) which he interprets with real creativity, adding a personal touch to some of the region’s classic dishes. The wine list includes Castello Banfi’s fine Brunello wines, with recommendations provided by the excellent sommelier.

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