4 fun ways to spend summer

4 fun ways to spend summer

Ideas on how to make the most of these long summer months.

Mon 03 Jul 2023 12:24 PM

The sun may be scorching but you don’t need to sweat! Destination Florence has put together the tours, trips and treats that will make this summer one you’ll never forget.

Cycle through the centre

Destination Florence bike tour with gelato
See the city on two wheels.

Saddle up for a sunshine-filled tour of Florence with an eco-friendly pedal through the historic streets of the centre. Led by an expert guide, your small group will weave through the four corners of Florence, taking in Santa Croce, the Duomo, piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio, piazza de’ Pitti and more in this landmark-packed, English-language tour. The fabulous sites will be your sole focus as there are no hills to tackle and your route takes the less-crowded streets to ensure the smoothest ride possible. Of course, no summertime excursion would be complete without gelato! Enjoy a much needed cool-down by grabbing a scoop or two from one of the best places in town, with your guide sure to remind you that gelato is said to have been invented by Bernardo Buontalenti in Florence during the Medici dynasty. It’s never more appreciated than on a hot day in summer when you’ve been soaking up the city, so make the most of your well-deserved treat.

Discover the secret passageways of Palazzo Vecchio

Make your way through mysterious hidden doorways.

Escape into the cool corridors of Florence’s remarkable Palazzo Vecchio. The city’s town hall has an impressive history with many secrets just waiting to be discovered. Step off the usual path through the centuries-old Medici palace and experience instead the narrow passageways that lie behind hidden doorways and panels. Featuring highlights such as Duke Gualtieri’s medieval stairway that’s revealed behind a painting and the jaw-dropping experience of Salone dei Cinquecento from above, you’ll get to know the palace from a completely new perspective. A gelato in a much-loved local spot completes the experience as you revel in the tales and legends surrounding the ancient stones while savouring your favourite flavour, making sure to sample a few new ones as well! There’s no shortage of choice in the city’s gelaterie, with folks flocking from all over just to enjoy the delicious array.

Olive oil tasting

Sample freshly produced organic extra virgin olive oil right at the source.

Fun on a farm is the perfect remedy for an overdose of chaotic city scrambling. Make your way to the nearby Triboli farm for an unforgettable tasting of organic extra virgin olive oil, learning about the various steps that go into making the flavourful elixir. This organic farm in Impruneta specializes in the production of extra virgin olive oil using the Mori-Tem oil mill, which you’ll learn all about as you’re led from the mill to the olive groves to the lake, all in the company of the farm animals! Sit and sip the finished product with a tasting of seasonal vegetables fresh from the lands around you.

Florentine sweet treats

Complete your summertime explorations with sugary goodness.

There’s never a bad time for something sweet! Finish off your Florentine frolics with a dessert tasting tour for a sugar rush like no other. Based in Prato, Biscottificio Antonio Mattei has an impressive history with their typical Tuscan confectionery delighting since the early 1900s. From Cantucci to Filone Candito with its tantalising cherry glacé, you’ll enjoy a sample of some of their most well-known creations right where they’re made. Don’t miss the chance to taste Mantovana cake, dating to 1875, and Brutti Buoni (literally means Ugly but Good!), bringing home some samples to remember your trip.

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