Badiani opens city centre gelato parlour

Badiani opens city centre gelato parlour

Open daily from 10am to 11pm, the gelateria is stocked high with its award-winning Buontalenti flavour.

Mon 10 Jul 2023 12:31 PM

Historic Florentine gelateria Badiani has opened a parlour in the central via Tosinghi. A short distance from the Duomo, the new store grabs the attention of passersby with its contemporary kerb appeal, vibrant design and toothsome gelato.

Open daily from 10am to 11pm (until midnight at weekends), the gelateria is stocked high with its award-winning Buontalenti, a confection of cream, milk, sugar and eggs, in addition to other favourites like Dolcevita, Buontalenti with hazelnut and chocolate sauce, and Magnifico, Buontalenti with caramel, caramelized peanuts and milk chocolate. With green juices, coffee and aperitivos, there’s more available than gelato.

It’s also a place to hide away from the ferocious heat with seating for 75 gelato lovers on the ground and mezzanine levels, which act as a tribute to unparalleled Florentine style. Designed by Cosimo Bonciani, Andreas Mascagni and Niccolò Antonielli’s Timothee Studio, the pink and green of Giotto’s bell tower echo throughout the washed plaster walls. Grey-veined tables, globe pendant lighting and velvet drapes add theatrical flourishes to the cute and contemporary upstairs lounge.

“We are enthusiastic to announce the opening of the new Badiani store in the city centre, which has seen grow us over the years, becoming an attraction for tourists and residents,” comments gelato maker and CEO Paolo Pomposi. “We have always wanted to open a gelateria in the city centre and now we can announce the news. Florence has given us so much and it still has so much to offer.”

Last year, Badiani celebrated its 90th anniversary as the brand continues to grow in Europe with the opening of stores in the UK and Spain.

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