Non-gender-specific toy shop opens in the Oltrarno

Non-gender-specific toy shop opens in the Oltrarno

LíLá Toys goes beyond the usual commercial offering.

Mon 25 Sep 2023 3:43 PM

Newly inaugurated LíLá Toys is not simply a toy shop; it’s a place where imagination runs wild and every person who makes a purchase takes a step forward in changing history. Located at via Maggio 78R, a short distance from piazza Santo Spirito and piazza Pitti, LíLá Toys was launched this September and is set to see a variety of events held in its magical world of playthings. We spoke to co-founder Mauro Scopelliti to find out more.

Lila Toys

Why did you see the need for this space?

In today’s society, it’s very important to offer non-gender-specific toys. It’s something that’s necessary for both children and parents, and something we have seen requested a lot. This approach is still not very prevalent in the spheres of toys and education. We wanted to contribute at a practical level, and that’s why we created this store that’s a little outside the usual commercial offering. 

Lila Toys

There are three of us: myself, my husband Luigi and our friend Giacomo. We joined forces with the idea of creating something new in the city. We are situated in the Oltrarno, an area that in recent years has seen a rebirth as a zone, but it didn’t have any specialized toy stores. Via Maggio was a good fit, in that it has plenty of niche stores, and so our approach fitted in well here.  

Tell us more about the concept.

We have an approach without gender stereotypes, towards wooden toys, sustainability as much as possible, and a controlled production process, knowing where the materials come from. There’s attention to stimulating children at all levels, both educationally and developmentally, and towards building self-sufficiency. We have many Montessori toys and an important collaboration with Family Nation, a website dedicated to childhood that was created at Nana Bianca in Florence. We have an entire corner in the shop dedicated to their products, which are very much in line with this approach. We have board games by Cranio Store, an Italian brand, and this also gives us the possibility to develop events for adults that are both informative and entertaining. We’re putting together a programme where we will do all of these activities.

Further to that, we have a collaboration with Cinema La Compagnia. They host screenings for children on Sunday afternoons, and clients who go to one or the other will have a dedicated discount. Likewise, we’re involved in their special Proiezioni Disturbate film screenings for parents and their young children, where there will be lower volume and higher lights. It’s an innovative concept that goes beyond typical screenings. We will also have a collaboration with The Social Hub, with projects to be revealed in the future. 

Lila Toys

In November, we will have two events as part of L’Eredità delle Donne, and we’ll present a game for adults focused on gender stereotypes, as well as a book presentation by a mother from Rome who has written against the stereotyping of mothers in a very ironic and witty way. For that event, we’ll collaborate with Alice Libreria at The Social Hub. 

Events at LìLà this October

October 7: reading in English for kids, 10.30am

October 14 + 21: crochet course for adults, from 10am to midday

October 28: games for kids aged six and older

October 31, 4.30pm: Halloween family fun, from 4.30pm onwards

For updated information, follow LìLà on Instagram or check their website.

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